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The study of art begins with personal attitudes, inclinations and questions put by students. The need for specific artistic knowledge and skills is derived from those approaches. That is where training begins. It comprises the development of technical and artistic practice and imparts knowledge of art theory and the understanding of art.


Students freely choose their own media and themes, which they then take further by making use of the broad range of modules. Personal work in the studio, accompanied by mentoring by established artists, is the focus of this course of training.


The Bachelor degree programme does not constitute a professional qualification, but it does lay the foundation for initial artistic creativity, which is developed further in the Master’s degree programme.


Teaching Staff




Head of Studies

Hans Rudolf Reust

Anselm Stalder



Annaïk Lou Pitteloud



Julie Fauve


The study of art creates familiarity with the professional demands of the artistic milieu. Central to the training are one’s individual practice of art, together with reflection and communication with the outside world. Recognised figures from the world of art are invited to semester exhibitions, to discuss students’ work. In this way, the Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts provides an excellent basis for deepening students’ own approaches in a Master course, and later to find a way into the art market. Many graduates from this school now number among the Swiss art scene`s promising talents.


The strong individualisation during the degree programme, leads to greatly differing potential career paths. These include curating and publishing, as well as teaching or design. What they have in common, is that all possible careers demand a high level of independence and initiative – today, artists have to create their own field of work. How exactly graduates will be able to apply their practical and theoretical artistic abilities will depend on their individual talents, their pursuits during their studies and their own motivation.



Students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. The Bachelor degree programme primarily encourages intensive occupation with art and the further development of the students' own approaches. The degree is primarily an accredited confirmation of artistic production at professional level and qualifies graduates for a subsequent Master Programme in Contemporary Arts Practice.




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