MA Contemporary Arts Practice

The Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice is a multidisciplinary degree course for artists from the visual arts, the performing arts, music and literature. Its starting point is the student’s individual approach and choice of emphases; together with interdisciplinary projects it enables multidisciplinary exchanges with students and teaching staff from other disciplines.


The course aims to foster an independent artistic outlook within a framework of collective and interdisciplinary working interrelationships. The course of study sharpens students’ individual artistic practices through direct engagement with other artistic strategies. A knowledge of current discourse in other art forms causes their view of their own work to change.


Teaching Staff

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Head of Studies

Andi Schoon



Iris Frauchiger



Sandra Lemp


Student assistant

Florian Bürki


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Monday and Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 16:00


The everyday working life of creative artists is generally composed of a mixture of different activities and commitments. It usually takes several years until an author or an artist can live from the work they produce. Graduates of the MA in Contemporary Arts Practice will work as professional artists or in art-related careers, especially where skills are required in collaboration and dialogue between various art scenes.


Possible areas of activity for Music and Media Art graduates include the musical/artistic design of media projects, the composition and realisation of interactive pieces for concerts and performances, the creation of soundscapes, composition for sound installations, the making of soundtracks for film and video, and so on.


Students of Fine Arts continue to develop their independent work, on the basis of which they take a personal stance on the contemporary art market.


Graduates who develop an interest in research during the degree can continue their research activity, if appropriate, as part of a PhD programme. The Master’s degree, combined with experience in work and research and a corresponding methodological-didactic qualification, qualifies graduates to teach at a university or comparable institution. And finally, there is a high probability that new, still unknown fields of activity will open up to graduates in the future.


Educational Objectives/Competencies Acquired



Students graduate with a Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice.

The Master’s degree in Contemporary Arts Practice qualifies graduates to practice as musical and/or fine arts creative artists or to enter a PhD programme in line with international standards.



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