VERSCHOBEN: Vocabulary of Worldviews | Wortschatz der Weltbilder

Aspect seeing is the ability to see one thing in multiple ways. Working on the interface between the arts, philosophy, literature and linguistics we focus on wording such aspectual perceptions.

24.04.2020, 10.00-17.00 Uhr – HKB, Fellerstrasse 11, Bern, Auditorium

Aufgrund des Coronavirus wird diese Veranstaltung verschoben.

Our perceptions influence our mind and language, and metaphors take off when they successfully transfer different experiential zones into our habits and worldviews. When we look at our linguistic habits, we can detect such hidden worldviews. How do wordings and framing influence our access to these views? People only ever see single aspects of a whole and interpret them – intellectually or in words – in a subjective way.

International experts will share concrete examples of aspect seeing from their practice: art history, art (visual arts, film, sound, music), graphic design, literature, philosophy and media theory. The presentations will relate to im-age-word-relationships, metaphors, translation, language philosophy, saying vs. showing and shifts of meanings. Contributions involve practice-based examples, essays, trans-disciplinary presentation formats and artworks. No preliminary knowledge is needed. Colleagues and students as well as external participants from all disciplines are welcome. To register and to retrieve a programme, please contact or just drop by.

This symposium is part of the research project Atlas of Aspect Change conducted by Tine Melzer at the Institute Practices and Theories in the Arts, HKB. Hosted by Tine Melzer
(Dozentin MA CAP and BA Fine Arts), Tobias Servaas (philosopher, Amsterdam) and Tanja Schwarz (artist/artistic researcher, Bern. Supported by HKB International Exchange. Many thanks to the Y Institut.

The event will be held in English and German.


  • Startdatum 24.04.2020, 10.00-17.00 Uhr
  • Ort HKB, Fellerstrasse 11, Bern, Auditorium