The HKB Mediothek was established in 2006 in the new premises on Fellerstrasse by merging the library of the Conservation and Restoration Division with the library of the Design and Fine Arts Division, which was founded in 2002.


The holdings comprise today some 40,000 media, including 3,500 films, around 200 trade journals, and more than 30,000 exhibition catalogues, illustrated books, monographs, standard reference works, yearbooks and teaching material in the areas of aesthetics and art theory, book-making, type design and typography, visual communication, advertising and commercial art, new media and media theory, art and media education, design, applied arts and fashion, photography, and film.

The Conservation and Restoration Division collects media on the subjects of architecture, interior design and furniture, paintings and sculpture, graphic design, documents and photography,
modern materials and media.


New acquisitions are made as teaching develops, with decisions made in consultation with those responsible in the divisions. The media of the Y Institute and the Research Division are integrated into the inventory of the HKB Mediothek.


The holdings of the HKB Mediothek include the private libraries of the former lecturers Gerhard Johann Lischka and André Vladimir Heiz. In addition, the library occasionally receives valuable gifts from faculty members and interesting estates from private individuals.


Every year, the Mediothek grows through the generous donation by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture (BAK) of the books from the competition The Most Beautiful Swiss Books. In addition, part of the archives of the Kunsthalle Bern and the media collection of the newspaper Der Bund are integrated into the inventory of the HKB Mediothek.


The HKB Mediothek is a collecting library. The 200 or so periodicals the library subscribes to, as well as older standard reference works, are not deaccessioned but rather properly archived. 


Here you can search the databases for media:



Special collections:

Rare items

The HKB Mediothek has around 100 rare items among its holdings. These comprise particularly valuable works that require special care. Such media are usually labelled “RARA” and cannot be loaned out. Rare items can be viewed at the library as well as borrowed for a short time for classes upon request.


Our rare items are searchable in the NEBIS catalogue.


Diploma, bachelor and master theses

The HKB Mediothek collects the thesis papers submitted by HKB students.


The theses written in the Division of Conservation and Restoration are integrated into the holdings of the HKB Mediothek and filed under the name of the author in the NEBIS catalogue.


Theses written in the Division of Design and Fine Arts are collected in the Mediothek and can usually be used only on site. For a complete list of these works, see the HKB website under: Studies > Bachelor [or] Master > [name of degree programme] > Thesis.