Library Use


Who may borrow materials

All persons who hold a valid IDS Libraries card may borrow materials. New users should present a valid personal ID at the Music Library and apply for an IDS card.


Please complete primarily the Online Form.


A valid BFH card may also be registered for use as a library card.

The IDS library card is valid at more than 600 Swiss libraries (Cantonal and University libraries as well as the Swiss National Library).


Loan Periods

There are fixed, guaranteed basic loan periods for all media types. As long as no reservation is placed on an item by another user, the period will be automatically prolonged for two additional periods of the same duration. When the second automatic prolongation ends, as long as no reservation has been placed on the item by another user, you may manually prolong the loan three additional times via your IDS User Account.


Media shall only be recalled by the library at the end of a loan period or renewal cycle.


Upon placement of a reservation, or at the end of the second, third, and fourth renewal cycles, you will receive a return reminder by e-mail or by Post.


Materials returned after the specified return date shall accrue late fees (see Fees & Charges).


Basic Loan Period for Musical Scores and Books
Fixed Loan Period of 28 days


Basic Loan Period for CDs and DVDs
Fixed Loan Period of 14 days


Borrowing from other libraries
If you want to borrow medias from the library of the Musik Akademie Basel, a non-IDS library (French or Italian speaking Swiss libraries, national library of Switzerland) or from a foreign library, please complete this online form. You can pick the medias up in the library you have chosen in the form. Please be aware that you have to pay the charges for each item.

User Account

The User Account provides an overview of your loans and reservations as well as allowing you to manually prolong loans and change your address within the IDS Basel/Bern system.


To log on to your User Account, you will need your Library ID number and your password. The ID number can be found on your library card, under the barcode; your temporary password is the first five letters of your family name. After logging into the account, you can change the password. To prevent fraudulent use of your Library Account, we recommend that you log into your IDS account and change the password immediately upon receiving your library card. (Don’t forget to make a note of the new password in a secure place.)


New users may only receive a library card in person at an IDS library (please present a valid personal ID). Web-Registrations cannot be completed for the purpose of borrowing materials by mail.


New user registration fees: see Fees & Charges.


Online User Account

Fees & Charges

Media Loan

Free of charge (limited to holders of an IDS Library Card)


New User Account Registration IDS

Registration: free

Replacement card: CHF 6.-


Overdue Reminder Fees
Recall (due to a reservation): free of charge
Reminder (end of loan period): free of charge
1st follow-up notice (5 business days after due date): CHF 10.-
2nd follow-up notice (after 5 additional days): CHF 20.-
3rd follow-up notice (after an additional 5 days): CHF 35.-


Borrowing by Post (loan only, per item)
Shipping within CH: CHF 12.-
Shipping within the EU: rate varies
Shipping to non-EU: rate varies
Shipping of oversized items: rate varies


Students, Instructors and Employees of the HKB should use their BFH-Cards for photocopying; external users please ask for help at the front desk.
1 Copy A4 (self-service): CHF -.12
1 Copy A3 (self-service): CHF -.20
1 Double-sided copy A4 (self-service): CHF -.20
1 Copy on transparency A4 (self-service): CHF -.50


Copies/Scans made by the library
Base price: CHF 8.-
Per scan: CHF -.50
Plus delivery fee if applicable


Compensation for Lost Media
Replacement price + applicable bookbinding costs


Debt collection and execution charges
Time & Money Basis


  • 5 Apple computer workstations with Internet access
  • 5 PC workstations with Internet access
  • 14  workstations without computer
  • Campus-wide wireless LAN (using VPN Client)
  • 3 licenses for Sebelius 7 musical notation software (with MIDI keyboard)
  • 4 CD players with headphones
  • 1 VHS player
  • 3 listening/copying stations for CD, MC, LP, DAT, MD
  • 3 headphone sets for use within the library
  • 1 multi-function copier/printer/scanner
  • 1 spiral binding machine, for plastic and wire
  • 1 paper-cutter