Classical Music

The musical compositions of the past and present require technically and artistically well educated interpreters for their performance. A broad musical education is combined with the students` own artistic orientation, placing focus on independence, responsibility and awareness of historical contexts. The breadth of the education and the BUA`s interdisciplinary focus prepare the musicians for a market increasingly defined by niches.


As a consequence of the Bologna Reform, the four-year diploma programme in Classical Music has turned into a three-year Bachelor degree programme, usually followed by a two-year Master degree programme.


Bachelor of Arts in Classical Music

Instrumental/Vocal, Composition, Conducting Wind-Instrument Bands


Master of Arts in Music Performance - Classical Music

Instrumental/Vocal, Conducting Wind-Instrument Bands


Master of Arts in Specialised Music Performance




Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy - Classical Music

Music Pedagogy Instrumental/Vocal

Music Pedagogy Eurythmics

Music SII


Master of Arts in Composition and Theory

Composition, Théâtre Musical, Composition for Wind Orchestra and Brass Band



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