Opera and Theatre merged to create the Opera/Theater Division in 2007: this course, the only one of its kind in Europe, reflects the way the contemporary practise of these two performing arts is developing – with the two disciplines moving increasingly closer together.



The Bern University of the Arts runs the only Swiss Opera Studio within the context of a regular university education. It is a Master`s degree programme entitled Master of Arts in Specialized Music Performance Opera. At the heart of the programme are scenic work in the field of musical theatre, solo correpetition/studying parts, being involved in opera productions as well as accompanying opera-specific singing training. Added to this are further subjects relevant to opera, such as audition training, auditioning for agencies and opera houses as well as artistic internships (specific parts in musical theatre productions). Every semester students have the opportunity to gain stage experience.



The theater education at the HKB continues the tradition of the "Berner Schauspielschule", which has been renowned for being an innovative school for young actors since its foundation. In the course of the Bologna reform, the four-year diploma education was split into a two-part Bachelor and Master system, and adapted to the demands the ever changing theatre world is making on young actors today.






Theater - Expanded Theater

Specialized Music Performance Opera

Services and Further Education

The Opera/Theatre Department offers a variety of workshops, courses, seminars and coachings for acting, working with various media, movement, speech, singing and animation for children, adolescents and adults...


Preparatory Course Theatre



  • According to your demands, we develop the following services for you and with you:
  • Courses and seminars
  • Coaching, supervision and psychodrama
  • topical theatrical treatments, such as forum theatre and simulations or re-enactments
  • performances of theatre or opera pieces suited to specific events
  • artistic event hosting
  • visiting theatre performances with introductions and subsequent discussions of the pieces seen
  • topical seminars and theatre events


Further Education



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