The theatre education at the HKB continues the tradition of the "Berner Schauspielschule", which has been renowned for being an innovative school for young actors since its foundation. In the course of the Bologna reform, the four-year diploma education was split into a two-part Bachelor and Master system, and adapted to the demands the ever changing theatre world is making on young actors today.


The acting education at the HKB imparts technical know-how, with a view to working in the always developing contemporary theatre scene. It is suitable for applicants with acting talent, strong imagination and the desire to express themselves. The HKB does not only prepare its students for employment in a theatrical ensemble. Film, television or contemporary forms - the profession demands that actors are able to work in diverse forms and with diverse media. The ability to develop original artistic ideas and put them into practice also plays a central role. At our school, we hope to teach students the value of consistent work, responsibility and self-discipline as necessary requirements for artistic team work.


The three-year Bachelor degree programme Theatre/Acting is a comprehensive training programme, which develops the physical and mental abilities of the students and their interconnectedness. The students of this programme are able to understand and apply different acting methods; they develop their bodies, voices and minds as instruments for their representational work as actors and performers.


The subsequent two-year Master degree programme makes it possible to pursue a personal specialisation at a high level. Here the study of contemporary theatre forms, the ability to work in a transdisciplinary context, networking with the international theatre scene and the entry into professional life are the focus.


Head of Studies

Wolfram Heberle



Sibylle Heim



Simon Wyss



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Scenic Arts Practice


Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff Master Theatre


VA Wölfl (D) – Bildender Künstler und Choreograph, NEUER TANZ Düsseldorf
Viviane de Muynck (B) – Schauspielerin, Needcompany (Belgien)
Kate McIntosh (NZ) – Performance, Tanz, Video

Felix Kubin (D) - Experimenteller Musiker, Hörspielproduzent, Animationsfilmer
Mark Coniglio (USA) - Erfinder des interaktiven Programms ISADORA, Leiter der Tanztruppe Troika Ranch

Penelope Wehrli (CH) – Regisseurin, Szenografin

Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund (D) – Theater- und Tanztheoretiker

Lukas Bangerter (CH) – Regisseur, Leiter der Gruppe PLASMA

Niels Ewerbeck (D) – Leiter Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich

Jan Ritsema (NL) – Regisseur, Performer, Dozent am P.A.R.T.S
Onno Faller (D) - Leiterin Gesellschaft für Kochen als Kunstgattung

Bojana Kunst (SL) – Philosophin, Dramaturgin, Performance Theoretiker

Ralf Samens (D) – Bildender Künstler
Prof. Dr. Hanns Ruder (D) - Astrophysiker
Mikael Krogerus (FIN) – Freier Journalist und Autor
Roman Tschäppeler (CH) – Gründer des Kommunikationskioskes guzo und Autor
Prof. Dr. Peter Schneider (CH) – Psychoanalytiker, Kolumnist

Prof. Dr. Michael Harenberg (D) – Komponist, Medienwissenschaftler, Leiter Studiengang Musik und Medienkunst HKB

Knut Jensen (CH) - Komponist und Sound Designer

Christoph Haering (CH) – Kulturförderung, Migros Kulturprozent

Dominik Müller (CH) – Kulturförderung, Präsidialdepartement Zürich

Leonie Stein (CH) - Leiterin Y-Institut Lehre HKB

Christoph Siegenthaler (CH) – Lichtkonzeptor, Theatertechniker

Isabel Dorn (D) - Regisseurin

Bjoern Mehlig (D) – Regisseur und Performancekünstler


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