Y Fundamentals

New Format: Y-Fundamentals

The Y Fundamentals are a new teaching format, which places its emphasis on imparting basic knowledge and skills. In this, they resemble the toolboxes, but they are scheduled like the Y projects: the fundamentals take place over the course of the whole semester, always on Friday mornings. Students get 4 credits for successfully attending the fundamentals.


Practise is part of the daily routine of all practising artists, in both senses of the word. But: what does it mean to practise, in the sense of exercise? What rules does practise follow in the various disciplines? How can we shape our practise so that we can sense progress in the very endlessness of repetition, even if only completing rows of drawing exercises or doing musical finger exercises?


We will address such fundamental issues of the daily life as an artist and put our ideas to the test. At the beginning, students will independently choose a "practise piece", which they would like to tackle.