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Dr. Thomas Beck, born 1964 in Kiel, studied Neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft (More Recent German Literature), Theatre Studies and Music Science in Erlangen, following an initial professional formation as a newspaper editor. He completed his doctorate in 1996 with an interdisciplinary work on libretto-research. Thomas Beck has been living in Switzerland for 14 years. He worked as a music dramaturg and later as the head dramaturg of the Theater St. Gallen, before he started to work for the Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss Television, SF) in Zurich.
From 2000 onwards, he ran the editorial department “Music, Dance and Theatre“ at SF. In 2005, he became the deputy head of the cultural department. His editorial department received several international awards for its work, among them the “Prix Italia“ for the dance film “Passengers“ (2000), the “Golden Rose“ for the dance film “One Bullet Left“ (2004), the “Golden Rose“ for “Die Zauberflöte auf zwei Kanälen“ (The Magic Flute on two Channels) (2008),  aswell as the Czech Television Prize for  “La Traviata im Hauptbahnhof“ (La Traviata at the Central Station). Parallel to producing the serial programme  “Klanghotel“ (Sound Hotel), Thomas Beck also initiated the cultural projects  “Die Zauberflöte auf zwei Kanälen“ (see above) (2007), the thematic day “Singen ohne Grenzen“ (Singing without Borders) (2007), as well as the opera productions  “La Traviata im Hauptbahnhof“ (see above) (2008) and  “La Bohème im Hochhaus“ (La Bohème in a Skycraper) (2009). These last two had far-reaching success due to their suitability for television.  They made an impact in all of Switzerland and even stirred international interest.
Thomas Beck was an active jazz and theatre musician for years. He was one of the initiators of the symposium “Musik muss sein!“ (Music is Necessary!) at Theater Basel (2007) and was a member of many international juries (Golden Prague Festival, Dance Screen, Prix Italia, Rose d’Or). He is the vice president of the Internationales Musik- und Medienzentrum (IMZ) (International Music and Media Centre) in Vienna and was a board member of the Music Group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in Geneva for many years.
Thomas Beck is married, has two children and lives in Erlenbach near Zurich.



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Thomas Beck