Last Name Organisational unit Email:
Abeijon Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Achtman Research
Addabbo Opera
Adler Conservation and restoration
Aerni Design and Fine Arts
Aeschbach Design and Fine Arts
Aeschbacher Music, Classic
Afzali Research, Y Institute, Design and Fine Arts
Aikawa Music, Classic
Akerlund Opera
Alexander Music, Classic
Aliti Directorate
Allemann Research
Allenbach Research, Y Institute, Music
Aloe Music, Classic
Alony Music, Jazz
Ammann Music, Jazz, Composition, Jazz Composition/Arrangement
Ammann Design and Fine Arts
Ammann Administration
Andel Further Education
Andreev Music, Classic
Anzellotti Music, Classic
Archinal Music, Classic
Arfken Music, Classic
Arter Music, Classic
Aubry Design and Fine Arts
Aubry Research
Auch Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Austenfeld Music
Bacciagaluppi Research
Badrutt Research
Balleys Opera
Bamert Music, Jazz
Bamert Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Barblan Design and Fine Arts
Bärtsch Research, Music, Jazz, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Bäschlin Research, Conservation and restoration
Bates Music, Jazz
Bauer Design and Fine Arts
Baum Design and Fine Arts
Baumann Music, Jazz, Jazz Composition/Arrangement
Baumann Music, Composition, Théâtre Musical
Baumann Theatre
Baumgartner Research
Bausch Research
Beck Directorate
Becker Research, Conservation and restoration
Behrends Opera
Beidler Music, Sound Arts
Belcea Music
Bigler Administration
Bischof Directorate
Bohnenblust Directorate
Bolzli Research
Bonaventura Design and Fine Arts
Boone Opera
Borter Music, Jazz
Bousfield Music
Bovino Opera, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Braun Music, Classic
Brechbühler Opera
Breedt Opera
Brockhaus Research, Music, Further Education
Broquard Design and Fine Arts
Brotbeck Research
Brotbek Music, Classic
Brunner Directorate, Further Education
Buder Conservation and restoration
Buffat Swiss Literature Institute
Bumann Research
Burbach Directorate
Bürger Music, Composition, Théâtre Musical
Burkhalter Research
Burri Y Institute
Burri Y Institute
Buser Y Institute, Design and Fine Arts
Cachemaille Opera
Caduff Research
Caffari Directorate, Swiss Literature Institute
Camenisch Music, Classic
Cancela Further Education
Carlisi Research
Casagrande Research
Càsoli Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Castellani Opera
Cattapan Music
Cattapan-Ludewig Music
Cazzola-Senkpiel Research
Chiaudani Music
Chitadze Music, Classic
Chmelik Design and Fine Arts
Christ Research, Y Institute
Christemov-Gerassimov Music, Classic
Cincera Further Education
Cittadin Research
Clark Music, Jazz
Clénin Music, Classic
Comiotto Research, Conservation and restoration
Contratto Directorate, Music
Corajod Music, Classic, Composition, Théâtre Musical
Corboz-Hausammann Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Croton Music, Classic
Cuomo Design and Fine Arts
d.nyffeler Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Danuser Hofer Music
Dariz Research, Conservation and restoration
Dayer Music, Composition, Théâtre Musical
De Capitani Music, Classic
Delmastro - Pu Music, Classic
Demierre Design and Fine Arts
Depping Directorate
Desvoignes Y Institute
Di Pietro Research, Y Institute, Conservation and restoration
Dick Research, Music, Composition, Théâtre Musical
Dobrusskin Conservation and restoration
Dobrusskin Research, Conservation and restoration
Dohms Music
Döring Conservation and restoration
Dreyfus Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Dudler Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Dürmüller Opera
Dürst Music, Jazz
Eberhardt-von Niederhäusern Music
Effner Research, Conservation and restoration
Egger Research, Conservation and restoration
Eggert Music, Classic
Eggimann Design and Fine Arts
Eiche Opera
Enge Research, Y Institute
Engeler Swiss Literature Institute
Espersen Directorate
Fabricky Music, Jazz
Fäh Swiss Literature Institute
Fahlenbock Music
Fauve Design and Fine Arts
Favez Design and Fine Arts
Fehlmann Design and Fine Arts
Fehr Research, Design and Fine Arts
Fellmann Y Institute, Music
Felsing Design and Fine Arts
Fernandez-Raster Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Ferretti Further Education
Fiechter Design and Fine Arts
Fischbacher Design and Fine Arts
Fischer Opera
Fitzi Music, Opera
Flachs Theatre
Florin Design and Fine Arts
Flück Design and Fine Arts
Flückiger Research, Y Institute, Design and Fine Arts
Form Music, Classic
Forster Conservation and restoration
Forster Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Foster Music, Classic
Frei Music, Jazz
Friedli Music, Composition, Jazz Composition/Arrangement
Friese Conservation and restoration
Fritz Conservation and restoration
Fröscher Music, Classic
Fuhrer Music, Classic
Furter Design and Fine Arts
Galaverna Music, Classic
Gartmann Research
Gebauer Research
Gefe Design and Fine Arts
Geiser Music, Jazz
Geiser Deyer Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Genoux Swiss Literature Institute
Germanier Research, Y Institute
Gerstorfer Theatre
Gervais Research
Gfeller Music, Jazz
Gfeller Music
Gindraux Opera
Giovani Research
Gisler Research, Y Institute
Glassen Design and Fine Arts
Glaus Music, Classic, Composition
Glaus Design and Fine Arts
Gohl Y Institute
Gonin Music, Classic
Gonzalez Music, Classic
Grandjean Music
Graupe Jazz
Green Music
Gromer Music, Jazz
Grosse Design and Fine Arts
Grossniklaus Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Grunder Directorate, Further Education
Gurtner Music
Guy Music, Classic
Haardt Theatre
Habela Opera
Haefely Sublet Music, Classic, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Häfner Jazz
Hahn Research, Y Institute
Hametner Design and Fine Arts
Harenberg Music, Sound Arts
Harnisch Music, Opera, Classic
Harsch Conservation and restoration
Hartelius Music, Opera, Classic
Hartmann Music, Classic
Häsler Classic
Heberle Theatre
Heim Theatre
Henking Music, Classic, Composition
Hennig Research
Henzi Music, Jazz, Pedagogy/Education
Herbst Research, Conservation and restoration
Herbut Music, Classic
Hilz Research, Music, Opera, Classic
Hoess Conservation and restoration
Hoffmann Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Hofmann Swiss Literature Institute
Hofmann-Sievert Research, Conservation and restoration
Hofstetter Music, Jazz
Holenstein Music, Classic
Holtz Research, Further Education
Homann Further Education
Hossain Research
Hotz Research
Hug Theatre
Huldi Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Humbel Y Institute, Swiss Literature Institute
Hummel Design and Fine Arts
Hunka Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Huonder Swiss Literature Institute
Hürzeler Research, Y Institute
Ibragimov Music, Classic
Incardona Swiss Literature Institute
Ingold Rakusa Swiss Literature Institute
Iorio Design and Fine Arts
Jacobs Design and Fine Arts
Jacot-Guillarmod Research
Jäger Administration
Jakob Design and Fine Arts
Jarczyk Conservation and restoration
Jenzer Y Institute
Jocic Theatre
Jordi-Marguet Research, Y Institute
Joris Music, Jazz, Composition, Jazz Composition/Arrangement
Jost Design and Fine Arts
Jud Y Institute
Jüdt Music, Classic
Jungen Research
Kaganovsky Music, Classic
Kakon Design and Fine Arts
Kasprzak-Labudzinski Classic
Kasslatter Directorate
Kaufmann Research
Keiser Design and Fine Arts
Keller Music, Classic
Kempker Swiss Literature Institute
Kennel Music, Classic, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Kessler Further Education
Kessler Administration
Kiesler Research, Theatre
Kilchenmann Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Kilchhofer Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics), Pedagogy/Education
Kilchör Research, Y Institute
Killian Music, Classic
Klingemann Research, Y Institute
Klossner Y Institute, Design and Fine Arts
Klügl Research, Conservation and restoration
Knobloch Conservation and restoration
Knuchel Music, Jazz
Koban Design and Fine Arts
Kobi Music, Classic
Koch Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Kocher Administration
Kocher Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Kolb Design and Fine Arts
Konietzny Conservation and restoration
König Music, Jazz, Composition, Jazz Composition/Arrangement
Köpp Research, Music, Classic
Korsunskaya Music, Classic
Kothe Directorate
Kovac Design and Fine Arts
Kraus-Wenger Directorate, Further Education
Kraut Music, Classic
Krauter Research, Conservation and restoration
Kretschmann Y Institute
Kretzen Y Institute, Swiss Literature Institute
Küffer Music, Jazz
Küffer Research simon.kü
Kunz Administration
Kupferschmid Swiss Literature Institute
Kurth Design and Fine Arts
Kutterer Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Kuzeawu Research
Labusch Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Läuchli Research, Y Institute
Layaz Swiss Literature Institute
Ledesma Theatre
Lehmann Design and Fine Arts
Lehmann Administration, Research
Lehner Research, Music
Lemp CAP
Lépine Conservation and restoration
Lerch Music
Leutenegger Music
Lichtensteiger Theatre
Liechti Research
Lienert-Pärli Research, Conservation and restoration
Lietha Music
Lim Research
Linder Directorate
Lischka Theatre
Locher Opera
Loock Y Institute, Design and Fine Arts
Loretan Design and Fine Arts
Lottaz Music, Classic
Lüthi Music, Classic
Lutsyk Music, Classic
Lzicar Design and Fine Arts
Mächler Research
Mader Research, Conservation and restoration
Mäder Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Mage Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Mager Theatre
Mahler Music, Classic
Maly Music, Sound Arts
Marbot Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Mareis Research, Y Institute
Marthaler Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Marti Administration
Martin Music, Classic
Matti Directorate
Matzenmüller Administration
Mauerhofer Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Maurer Conservation and restoration, Further Education
Mazurkiewicz Music, Classic
Mazzola Music, Classic
Meidhof Research
Meili Music, Jazz, Pedagogy/Education
Meiltz Swiss Literature Institute
Melzer Y Institute, Design and Fine Arts
Meneses Neto Music, Classic
Mengis Design and Fine Arts
Mentzel Research, Conservation and restoration
Meyer Music, Opera, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Meyer-Wilmes Conservation and restoration
Michel Music, Jazz
Michler Research, Music, Further Education
Micieli Swiss Literature Institute
Mischler Design and Fine Arts
Möckli Research
Molinari Music, Jazz, Classic
Möll Design and Fine Arts
Moor Research
Moret Music, Jazz
Moretti Research
Moser Swiss Literature Institute
Müller Music, Sound Arts
Müller Design and Fine Arts
Müller Design and Fine Arts markus.mü
Müller Y Institute
Müller Music, Classic
Müller-Brozovic Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Mürner Research, Y Institute
Muzio Design and Fine Arts
Naef Opera
Nagy Music, Classic
Neidhart Music, Classic, Further Education
Netthoevel Research, Design and Fine Arts
Niziol Music, Classic
Noguchi-Bigler Music
Noppeney Research, Y Institute
Noth Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Nyffeler Directorate
Nytsch Music, Classic
Odermatt Further Education
Oertel Theatre
Oesch Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Ofosu Y Institute
Ohm Design and Fine Arts
Olivier Directorate
Otter Music
Pagny Music, Classic
Palmbach Research, Conservation and restoration
Pappe Conservation and restoration
Pauli Directorate
Paupe Design and Fine Arts
Pedemonte Design and Fine Arts – TAF Hofwil
Pernet Research
Perrin-Goy Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Pfleger Research
Piccand Y Institute, Sound Arts, CAP
Pitteloud CAP
Polte Design and Fine Arts
Probst Design and Fine Arts
Pulfer Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Rabe Conservation and restoration
Rademacher Music, Jazz
Rafaelian Lüthi Music, Classic
Raisin Music
Rajcic Swiss Literature Institute
Ramser Y Institute
Rastetter Research
Rawyler Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Reichenbach Directorate
Reichert Directorate, Research, Theatre, Opera
Renggli Swiss Literature Institute
Renken Research, Y Institute, Swiss Literature Institute
Reusser Design and Fine Arts
Reust Y Institute, Design and Fine Arts
Revaz Swiss Literature Institute
Richle Swiss Literature Institute
Richter Conservation and restoration
Richter Opera
Rickenbacher Opera
Rieger Theatre, Opera
Righetti Music
Roberts Music
Roellinger Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Roggen Music
Romano Administration
Romano Administration
Rossbacher Swiss Literature Institute
Roth Music, Classic
Roth Opera
Rothenbühler Swiss Literature Institute daniel.rothenbü
Röthlisberger Music, Classic
Rotta Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Rüedi Music, Classic
Rumsey Research
Ruocco Music, Classic
Russi Music
Ryffel Design and Fine Arts
Ryser Design and Fine Arts
Saborowski Theatre, Opera
Salzmann Directorate
Samens Y Institute, Theatre
Sandmeier Music, Classic
Satapati Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Sauter Music, Jazz
Sauteyrand Fauve Design and Fine Arts
Schaerer Music, Jazz
Schafer Administration
Schäffel Conservation and restoration
Schafroth Swiss Literature Institute
Schärer Research, Y Institute
Scherer Y Institute, Sound Arts, CAP
Scherrer Research, Y Institute, Conservation and restoration
Scheuermann Research, Y Institute, Design and Fine Arts
Scheurmann Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Schiller-Günter Directorate
Schmid Theatre
Schmid Music, Classic
Schmid Research, Design and Fine Arts
Schmid Opera
Schmid Design and Fine Arts
Schmidt Design and Fine Arts
Schmitz Research
Schneider Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Schneider Directorate
Schneider Music
Schneider Directorate
Schneider Design and Fine Arts
Schneller Research
Schnider Design and Fine Arts
Schnyder Music
Schoeneck Design and Fine Arts
Schoon Research, Y Institute
Schorer Music, Classic, Pedagogy/Education
Schranz Music
Schreiber Design and Fine Arts
Schroedter Research
Schubert Theatre
Schudel Directorate
Schuler Design and Fine Arts
Schumacher Music
Schüpfer Design and Fine Arts
Schürch Research, Y Institute, CAP
Schütz Further Education
Schütz Music
Schwaar Niederhauser Music
Schwab Y Institute
Schwander Y Institute
Schwarz Research
Schwarzl Music, Classic
Schweikert Swiss Literature Institute
Schweizer Theatre
Schwerzmann Music, Classic
Secchiari Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Segieth-Wuelfert Research, Conservation and restoration
Severin Music, Classic
Seyfang-Maas Design and Fine Arts
Shaposhnyk Opera
Sidler Music, Classic
Siebert Opera
Siegenthaler Music, Classic
Siegenthaler Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Siegmundt Research, Y Institute
Sikora Music, Jazz
Sinclair Research, Music, Jazz
Skamletz Research, Y Institute, Music
Slokar Music, Classic
Sonderegger Research, Y Institute
Soppa Conservation and restoration
Spaeti Music
Spirgi Music
Stahl Music, Classic
Stähli Weisbrod Research, Design and Fine Arts
Stalder Y Institute, Design and Fine Arts
Stampfli Administration
Stanic Research, CAP
Stauffer Theatre, Swiss Literature Institute, Sound Arts, Théâtre Musical
Sterchi Swiss Literature Institute
Steulet Research
Stocker Music
Strässle Y Institute
Streule Music, Jazz
Stucki Music, Jazz
Studer Music
Studler Music, Classic
Stutzmann Opera
Sublet Music, Classic, Composition, Théâtre Musical
Terzic Music, Jazz
Tettamanti Theatre
Theurillat Music, Classic
Thompson Research
Tiller Design and Fine Arts – TAF Hofwil
Toma Music, Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Torbianelli Music, Classic
Toth Music
Tran Design and Fine Arts
Trapp Theatre
Tricoteaux Music
Trinca Opera
Troxler Design and Fine Arts
Tschachtli Research, Y Institute
Tschuppert Further Education
Tuor Music
Uldry Design and Fine Arts
Ullrich Music
Unternährer Music, Classic
Urban Conservation and restoration
Urbaniak Lisik Music, Classic
Uzor Y Institute
Valenti Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Vallon Music, Jazz
Van Coppenolle Music, Classic
van der Bie Design and Fine Arts
van Eck Y Institute, Music
Vecsey Design and Fine Arts
Vogel Design and Fine Arts
Vogt Music
von Büren Swiss Literature Institute
von Känel Music
von Niederhäusern Design and Fine Arts
von Niederhäusern Conservation and restoration
von Niederhäusern Directorate
Von Steiger Research, Y Institute
vonallmen Research
Waber Music
Waespi Music
Wagenleiter Music, Jazz
Wagner Music and Movement (Rhythmics)
Wakita Music, Classic
Walton Research
Watanabe Music, Classic
Weber Music
Weber Music, Classic
Weber Music
Weidmann Further Education
Weinmeister Music
Weir Opera
Weiss Design and Fine Arts
Weiss Design and Fine Arts
Weissberg Y Institute, Sound Arts, CAP
Wenzel Swiss Literature Institute
Wessel Music, Classic
Wicki Music, Classic
Widmer Design and Fine Arts
Widrig Design and Fine Arts
Wigger Theatre
Wille Hübscher Theatre
Windgätter Design and Fine Arts
Wirth Design and Fine Arts
Wirthner Design and Fine Arts
Witschi Further Education
Wohlfender Swiss Literature Institute
Wolf Music, Jazz
Wolfensberger Design and Fine Arts
Wollmann Music, Classic
Wollweber Theatre
Woodtli Design and Fine Arts
Wülfert Directorate, Conservation and restoration
Würsch Music
Wüthrich Research, Y Institute
Wüthrich Music
Wyss Research, Y Institute
Wyss Theatre
Yang Music, Classic
Zehnder Hug Music
Zeller Music, Classic
Ziegler Research
Ziemen Music, Classic, Further Education
Zimmer Research, Y Institute
Zimmermann Design and Fine Arts – TAF Hofwil
Zimmermann Research
Zimmermann Design and Fine Arts
Zirwes Research, Music
Zulauf Design and Fine Arts
Zulauf Y Institute, Design and Fine Arts
Zumbühl Research, Conservation and restoration
Zvegintsov Classic