Joachim looks after his daughter on Tuesdays and Fridays. Catherine wants to be a composer. Manuela is a commuter. Elisabeth exhibits her work. Fabio works in a call centre until midnight. Veronika is doing a second education. Seth is learning German. David is considering to change his degree programme. Roman is living with his parents. Lea plays jazz. Annika is restructuring her life.


The HKB aims to provide excellent conditions for students and employees. To ensure sustainable high quality work, we work to create equal opportunities. Our goal is not merely to accept more men into the degree programme Fine Arts and more women into Jazz. We also regard measures to facilitate the combination of studies, paid work and family life as an integral part of providing equal opportunities, as well as the inclusion of gender-oriented perspectives into teaching and research. Together with students, employees and members of the governing board, we address questions such as the following:


  • A leadership position is advertised. No women have applied.
  • Part-time study: is this possible at HKB?
  • What does gender compentence mean?
  • How does motherhood/pregnancy leave work?
  • We need more men in our degree programme.
  • I would like to integrate the gender dimension into my teaching more.
  • How can I avoid gender-specific inequality in the evaluation of pieces of work?
  • A teacher is becoming too intimate. What can I do?


The equality officer is responsible for the pursuit of equal opportunities for men and women at the HKB. According to the equality regulations and together with the responsible persons, she develops measures to promote equality that are appropriate to the various different departments and degree programmes.



Bern University of the Arts

Christoph Brunner

Delegate for equal opportunities

Fellerstrasse 11

CH-3027 Bern


T +41 31 848 38 14



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