Health Insurance

In Switzerland the law requires that you have health and accident insurance.


Students from EU and EFTA countries have to demand the European health insurance card from their home insurance or the form E-111 before they come to Switzerland.


If you come from a non-EU country and have health insurance in your home country that covers all obligatory treatments in Switzerland, you need a form confirming this, signed and stamped by your insurance.



Amt für Sozialversicherungen

Abteilung Prämienverbilligung und Obligatorium

Forelstrasse 1

3072 Ostermundigen


You can get this form here.


Private Liability Insurance 

Private liability insurance covers damages caused to third parties, whether it be bodily harm or damage to their property. Accidents happen easily. If other people are physically harmed or their property is damaged (such as their apartment or room), the private liability insurance covers the expenses. The liability insurance is not a legal requirement, but we strongly recommend to exchange students to have this insurance. It costs between CHF 100 and CHF 150 a year.


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