Site of studies Biel/Bienne

Addresses of all HKB sites



Affordable overnight stays for new arrivals:


Websites for apartments and rooms in a flat share:


Mobility and public transport

Information Bahnhof Biel (Biel central station)

Tourism Biel Seeland (Biel lake district)

Verkehrsbetriebe Biel (public transport in Biel)



There is a kitchen in the Burg (Please be aware of the Burg rules!) 

Canteen of the BFH-TI (Technik und Informatik; Technology and Computing)


Free time


Free weekly newspaper Agenda Biel-Bienne

Website of the town of Biel

BUA event calendar



Theater Biel Solothurn

Symphonic Orchestra Biel

Konzert Theater Bern

Spectacles français, Obergasse 1, Biel

Kulturtäter, Brunngasse 1, Biel

Théâtre de la Grenouille, Gurzelenstrasse 11, Biel

A propos, theatre for young audiences

Genossenschaft Kreuz Nidau, Hauptstrasse 33, Nidau

Carré noir, Obergasse 11,Biel

Société philharmonique de Bienne

Internationale Sommerakademie Biel


Information for foreign students 

City Council of Biel

"Abteilung Bevölkerung" (Department of Population), Neuengasse 28, Postfach 1520, 2501 Biel

Opening times: 9:00 - 11:45 and 13:45 - 17:00


Residency, new arrivals, ID cards (German)

Identity document for foreign nationals/forms (German)


Language courses for foreigners

You can find language courses in Biel here:


You can find further information for foreign students at the International Office of the BUA.