The Swiss pension scheme (AHV)

AHV/IV/EO (does not apply to ERASMUS students)

The AHV is an insurance for old age or the bereaved. It is to ensure a person`s existence when they can no longer work due to old age (pension) or when their provider dies. 


Paying AHV fees is obligatory for everyone living in Switzerland, whether they are working or not. Students who are not working pay a minimum fee of CHF 480 per year. It is important to pay AHV fees without interruption; missing years lead to a lower pension.


Students will receive an invoice from the AHV and do not actively have to address this issue.


Regulations: From the 1st of January, after they have reached the age of 20, Swiss and foreign students with their residence in Switzerland have to pay fees to the AHV, IV and EO of at least CHF 480.- a year (minimum contribution).

In addition, administrative fees of a maximum of 5% of the contribution will be raised. From the 1st of January, after completion of the 25th year, non-earning students have to pay fees relating to their social circumstances and no longer the minimum fee. 


Reimbursement upon leaving Switzerland: The paid contributions to the AHV are not lost, but can be claimed at a later date. After leaving Switzerland, a claim for reimbursement can be made (there has to be a confirmation of the new place of residence by the local authorities). The specific regulations are as follows: RV-AHV


Exceptions: Students do not have to pay contributions to the AHV, IV and EO, if they present a confirmation by their employer or their compensation fund that a contribution of at least CHF 480.- was already paid from their income or their compensation for loss of income in the year in question.

In addition, they do not have to pay a contribution, if their wife or husband is insured by the Swiss AHV, IV and EO, is working, as defined by the AHV, and has paid a contribution of at least 950.- CHF (double the minimum contribution).  


Pension: Insured persons, who have paid contributions for at least one full year, can claim the services of the AHV and IV. The contributions have to paid without interruption. Missing contribution-years can lead to pension cuts. 


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