EU/EFTA citizens

EU/EFTA nationals undergoing education or training (students, further education and training) who have been granted a residence permit for study purposes are permitted to generate additional income by working for up to 15 hours per week from the first day of their stay. The employer must register the part-time job with the authorities responsible for issuing an identity card. Please ensure that registration takes place.


Working hours may not exceed 15 per week during study semesters. Full-time employment is also possible during semester vacations on condition that it is registered by the employer.


For EU nationals from Romania and Bulgaria, the employer must submit an application before the start of employment.


Citizens from other countries

For foreigners completing an education or training course at Bern University of Applied Sciences, the earliest time part-time employment can be approved is six months after the start of the course, on condition that:

  • the course management confirms that this work is compatible with the education or training course and will not delay completion of the course;
  • the number of working hours per week outside of semester vacations does not exceed 15; 
  • the employer’s application has been received; 
  • the salary and working conditions comply with Article 22 of the Alien Act.


The employer must submit an application in each instance before the start of employment. 

Job Search


  • Der Bund (job listings on Saturdays)
  • Berner Zeitung (job listings on Saturdays)


Free newspapers

  • 20 Minuten (daily, except Saturdays)
  • Anzeiger Region Bern (Wednesdays and Fridays) 
  • Berner Bär (Tuesdays and Thursdays)