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Strategic partnership with Tongji University

Active participation in the global discourse reqires openness, curiosity, alertness, willingness for exchanges, confrontation and self-criticism. And it demands strong partners, ready for dialogue.


The HKB has found such a partner in Tongji University in Shanghai. The closest connection exists with the College of Design and Innovation D&I; since 2010, the College of Architecture and Urban Planning CAUP has also been involved. On the inter-institutional level, first talks have been held and the International Offices of both universities are in contact. In signing a Memorandum of Understanding in September 2010, Tongji University and the Bern University of the Arts have created a strong foundation for their cooperation.


Bern University of the Arts (Ed.)

Getting from Here to There.

The Strategic Partnership of the Bern University of the Arts and Tongji University Shanghai.

A Preliminary Summary of Common Projects.

Eine Zwischenbilanz der strategischen Partnerschaft zwischen der Tongji Universität und der Hochschule der Künste Bern


With contributions by Barbara Bader, Thomas Beck, Fränzi Bieri, CHEN Xiaolong, CHEN Yongqun, Ulrike Felsing, LOU Yongqi, Barbara Mauck, Jürg Neuenschwander, Jimmy Schmid and WU Zhiqiang, YANG Hao, YU Yong, ZHANG Jianlong and ZHANGG Lansheng.

With the kind support of swissnex China.


ISBN: 978-3-033-03382-5
Scale: around 80 pages


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Research project

Cultural and Educational Dialogue by Videoconferencing

Within the framework of the institutional partnership between the BUA and the Centre for Design and Innovation of the Tongji University in Shanghai, members of both universities are testing and developing technological and didactic, media-based and subject-specific settings for classes (distributed learning) in the field of art and design.




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