Conserving «Us»: Caring for Living Heritage, Oral Tradition and Indigenous Knowledge – A Conversation with Brandie Macdonald

12.05.2022, 5.30pm – online

What does it take to care for living heritage and indigenous knowledge? What does it mean to conserve oral tradition or spiritual performance? Brandie Macdonald, the senior Director of Decolonializing Initiatives, Chickasaw Nation/Choctaw Nation at San Diego Museum of Us, will discuss these and related questions with the research team behind the SNSF research project Performance: Conservation, Materiality, Knowledge. Among the issues raised will be, how indigenous performance might be preserved in and beyond institutions, what decolonialization might mean in an institution concerned with indigenous culture, what does intellectual property mean in these contexts, how museums can become a space for engaging with living objects, and how to approach these through a decolonialized lens.

Referent*in: Brandie Macdonald
Moderation: Hanna B. Hölling and Emilie Magnin
Host: Sebastian Dobrusskin, Institute Materiality in Art and Culture

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