Research Council

The highest research body at the BUA is the Research Council. This is made up of those responsible for the different main research areas (Intermediality, Interpretation, Communication Design, Materiality in Art and Culture) as well as the director of the BUA and the representative of the Centre for R+D.


The Research Council is responsible for the strategic alignment of research at the BUA.


Head of Research Council

Thomas Gartmann


Research Area Intermediality

Priska Gisler


Research Area Interpretation

Martin Skamletz


Research Area Communication Design

Arne Scheuermann


Research Area Materiality in Art and Culture

Sebastian Dobrusskin


Vice-Director of the Bern University of the Arts BUA

Stefan Wülfert


Centre for R+D 

Nathalie Pernet



Bern University of the Arts


Centre for R+D

Fellerstrasse 11

CH-3027 Bern


T +41 31 848 38 18

F +41 31 848 38 51