Artistic work is given a theoretical basis and accessed by means of interpretation. It is only through the act of interpretation that many works of art manifest themselves at all. In the research field ‘Applied Research in Interpretation’, the research area Interpretation investigates performance practice in music and music theatre primarily of the 19th and 20th centuries and puts its research findings into practice. Further focus areas are music instruments and music theory. The research field ‘Intersections of contemporary music’ examines current shifts in the relationship between authorship and interpretation across all the arts. A last research field covers 'Pop Music in Context'.


Research Fields

Applied Research in Interpretation

Intersections of contemporary music

Musical Instruments

Music Theory

Pop Music in Context




Research Projects

Finished Projects (in English or German)


A Sounding Collection of Wind Instruments

French Horns in Mozart's Time

Contrabassclarinet Extended

From Presentation to Interpretation

Back to before the "Organ movement"

"Das Schloss Dürande" by Othmar Schoeck

"Composing with the eyes"


Growing Up

Applied Interpretation Research – Chair funded by SNF

Between Conversation and Primordial Sounds (12-15)

From the Alps to the Violin (14–15)
High-performance teams (14–15)
Be smart! (14–15)
The virtual Welte piano (14–15)

"Sine dissonantiis" (11–15)

Moving Meyerbeer (12–15)

"Agilité, homogénéité et beauté" (11–14)

Beethovens "Fantasie" (12–13)

Die Urfassung des "Fliegenden Holländers" (12–13)

"In Ketten tanzen erweist sich erfahrungsgemäss als Herausforderung" (12–13)

Contrabass Clarinet Unlimited (12–13)

Historisch informierter Blechblasinstrumentenbau (10–13)

"Recording the Soul of Piano Playing" (10–13)

Erschliessung Sammlung Burri (10–12)

Peter Cornelius als Musiktheoretiker (11–12)

Das Stiefkind des Gesangs (11–12)

Autorenauftritte (11–12)

Le Basson Savary (10–12)

Le Cor Chaussier (09–12)

Die Schule der Romantik (10–11)

"Guide-mains" und "L’art du chant appliqué au piano" (10–11)

Sänger als Schauspieler (10–11)

Ein Bogen für Beethoven (09–11)

Begabungsförderung (09–10)

Digitale Literatur (09–10)

Musiktheater in Migration (09–10)

Sprechende Hände (09–10)

Wie von Geisterhand (2) (08–10)

Beethoven 5 (08–09)

Inside the Cut (08–09)

Stimmung und Temperatur (08–09)

Klappentrompeten (07–09)

Wie von Geisterhand (1) (07–08)

Klang (ohne) Körper (07–08)

Le geste musical (07–08)

Ophikleide (06–08)

Aspekte der Streicherpraxis in der Romantik (06)

Interpretationspraxis (05)

Sam, Sammlung, Zusammen! (05)



Forthcoming Events

further information can be found on the FSP Interpretation website


18–20 October 2018
Symposium «Pop – Power – Positions»

Bern, HKB/University


20–22 November 2018

Fifth Romantic Brass Symposium

Biel, Centre des congrès



Past Events

Symposium Future Sound of Pop Music, 30 November – 3 December 2017, Bern


Symposium All Around Beethoven – Interpretation Research Today, 13–16 September 2017, Bern

Symposium Authenticity vs Improvisation in the Philosophy of Music?, 19/20 May 2017, Bern


CIMCIM annual Conference 2017 and Fourth International Romantic Brass Symposium, Basel and Bern, 22–25 February 2017


Symposium Composing with the Eyes - Swiss Composer Hermann Meier, Bern, 27/28 January 2017


Symposium Neapolitan Musical Pedagogy of the Eighteenth Century. Theory, Sources, and Reception, Bern, 26/27 January 2017


Symposium «I'm swiss, I'm neutral» on Othmar Schoeck and his opera «Das Schloss Dürande»

Brunnen SZ, 9–11 September 2016


Music, Art and Philosophy in Dialogue, Symposium in collaboration with the Institute for Philosophy of the University of Bern, Bern, 20/21 May 2016


V. International Congress for Church Music in Bern, Symposium in Bern, 21–25 October 2015


Interpretationsforschung. Musical Performance with Reference to Historical Texts and Sound Documents. Symposium in collaboration with the University of Bern, 6 to 8 May 2015


Moving Meyerbeer. Opera through the Prism of Visuality and Kinesis, 24 and 25 April 2015, Symposium in Biel


performing voice – Vocality in focus of applied interpretation research, 27 to 29 November 2014, Symposium Bern and Basel


«Growing Up: Jazz in Europa 1960–1980» – Conference, Workshops, and Concerts, 6 to 8 November 2014, Luzern


3rd International Romantic Brass Symposium «Adolphe Sax and his Saxhorns» with the collaboration of the Historic Brass Society, 4 to 5 February 2014, Bern


"Improvisieren – Interpretieren", 12/13 and 19/20 October 2013, Symposium Bern


Closing event of the research project "Historisch informierter Blechblasinstrumentenbau" with different speakers and concert, 10 June 2013, 16h30, Empa Academy, Dübendorf


Symposium & concert "100 Jahre Abendmusiken im Berner Münster", 4-5 June 2013, Cathedral of Bern


Concert "Cuivres français" with the Sinfonie Orchestra Biel (SOB), 1st closing event of the research project "Historisch informierter Blechblasinstrumentenbau", 24 April 2013, 20h00, Kongresshaus Biel


Symposium "Recording the Soul of Music", 10/11 March 2013, Museum of Music Automatons, Seewen SO


Final presentation of the research project "Le Basson Savary", 8 February 2013, Bern University of the Arts


Symposium "Das Theater um die Muhsiiik", 14-15/12/2012, Bern


Romantic Brass Symposium, 7-10/11/2012, Bern


Concert/Presentation „Le Cor Chaussier“, 28 October 2012, MIM, Brussels


Symposium "Le violon c'est l'archet – Bögen zur Zeit Beethovens", 19/09/2012, Vienna


Symposium „Der Autor ist anwesend! Ou comment se mettre en scène avec son texte.“, 13/04/201, Bern


Symposium „Exakte Kopie oder ‚im Sinne‘ historischer Vorbilder – Tendenzen des Nachbaus von Holzblasinstrumenten“, 24–26/2/2012, Bern


Congress 11. Jahreskongress der Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie (GMTH), 2-4/12/2011, Bern


Symposium Ein Blick zurück ins 19. Jahrhundert


Dürrenmatt Lectures 2010


Vortrag FSP Interpretation: Gedanken zur Konzeption der barocken Geige


Symposium Chopin


In Preparation

«Raccolta di abbellimenti, o fioriture»


Musiktheorie des 19. Jahrhunderts. 11. Jahreskongress der Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie GMTH in Bern 2011, ed. by Martin Skamletz, Michael Lehner and Stephan Zirwes with practical collaboration by Daniel Allenbach, Schliengen: Edition Argus (Musikforschung der Hochschule der Künste Bern, Band 7). (in print by February 2017)


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Thomas Gartmann

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Chris Walton

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SNSF Professorship

2011–2016 Kai Köpp


Visiting Professors FSP Interpretation

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