Pedestrian Flow Visualizations

This project is situated within the long-term plans for the appropriate dimensioning and design of public facilities of the Swiss Federal Railways. It takes up the topic of pedestrian flow, which is gaining in significance on account of the growing number of people using railway stations. This study is intended to open up new perspectives on an appropriate, public-friendly, contemporary communication of pedestrian flows. Current analyses, studies, models, designs and simulations from the project «Renovating the Lausanne Station» (part of the project «Léman 2030») will be analysed and further developed in an exploratory fashion, with a focus on their visual qualities and potential. The result will be prototypes of improved knowledge visualizations, a catalogue of recommendations and a practice manual






Jimmy Schmid



Arne Scheuermann



Nicolo Bernasconi

Judith Bühling

Michael Flückiger

Martin Gaberthüel

Harald Klingemann

Andréas Netthoevel



23 Monate, Start Juni 2013


Partner und Finanzierung:

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB


Ein Projekt des BFH-Zentrums Arts in Context.