Waiting times

This interdisciplinary project investigates the influence of artis- tic redesign of interior spaces on the individual experience of waiting. In contrast to information-based waiting management, we here undertake a holistic intervention taking into account visual, acoustic, tactile and olfactory elements. Based on findings from the sociology of time and assumptions on the impact of “healing arts”, we first make baseline measurements in a waiting room at the public authorities and at a hospital. We then investigate the effects of a week-long observation-based spatial intervention in comparison to a transformation of the space that is an “invitation to act”. The evaluation uses data from interviews and observations as well as measurements of medical stress factors and indoor climate parameters. The re- duction of waiting stress is of considerable significance in terms of quality management.


detailed information about the project (PDF)


Plötzlich hechtet der Frosch nach der Fliege, Artikel, Der BUND, 31.3.2012 (PDF)


Mit Vogelgezwitscher und Videos gegen die Langweile, Berner Zeitung BZ, 31.3.2012 (PDF)


Warten - leicht gemacht, Regionaljournalbeitrag DRS 1, 30.3.2012





Harald Klingemann

Arne Scheuermann

Kurt Laederach, Inselspital Bern

Minou Afzali

Annekäthi Bischoff

Vero Kern, veroprofumo

Birgit Krueger, Copa & Sordes

Eric Schmutz, Copa & Sordes

Simon Stähli

Michel Winterberg



Inselspital Bern

Stadt Bern - Einwohnerdienste, Migration und Fremdenpolizei, EMF
gfs-zürich, Markt & Sozialforschung


Schweizerischer Nationalfonds (Abteilung Interdivisionäre Koordination und kooperative Forschung, CORE)