Active Thermography II

Development of a measuring instrument for a non-destructive analysis of works of art and cultural assets based on the procedure of thermal testing of coatings


Active thermography is an imaging, non-contact and non-destructive testing method that is employed in industry to localize, visualize and quantify hidden damage on coated surfaces. In a preparatory CTI feasibility study, we have now been able to demonstrate that this method also has great potential in the fields of conservation and restoration. Numerous applications have been proven, such as detecting delamination on a paint layer, laquer layer or polychrome surfaces. Furthermore, a measuring instrument has been developed for the practical application of this procedure on works of art and cultural assets. As part of the current CTI research project, this is to be further developed specifically to produce a simple-to-use measuring instrument that may be utilized by conservators.



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Project Management:

Cornelius Palmbach


Head of Project:

Thomas Becker



Ellen Kotthaus, HKB

Andor Bariska, Winterthur Instruments

Greg McKnight, Winterthur Instruments

Philipp Schärli, Winterthur Instruments

Nils Reinke, ZHAW

Samuel Hauri, ZHAW

Tan Thai Nguyen, ZHAW

Felix Rinderknecht, nbn Elektronik AG

Tino Zagermann, Bernisches Historisches Museum

Tim Hellstern, Museum für Kommunikation

Susanne Graner, Vitra Design Museum

Beat Fischer, Fischer Restaurierung GmbH

Beat Waldispühl, Waldispühl Restaurierungen

Tobias Hotz, TH-Conservations GmbH



Winterthur Instruments AG

ZHAW - Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, SoE, ICP

nbn Elektronik AG

Bernisches Historisches Museum

Museum für Kommunikation

Vitra Design Museum

Fischer Restaurierung GmbH

Waldispühl Restaurierungen

TH-Conservations GmbH



07/2015 - 01/2017


Financed by:

Kommission für Technik und Innovation, KTI

This project is part of the BFH Centre for Arts in Context.



Hochschule der Künste Bern


FSP Materialität in Kunst und Kultur

Fellerstrasse 11

CH-3027 Bern