Online Platform «inCLOUsiv»

BFH and PMS are jointly developing the communication, knowledge and networking platform «inCLOUsiv». In the future, this platform will provide a place for exchange on topics related to mental health and opportunities for virtual encounters.



On the platform «inCLOUsiv», people with mental health problems and specialists can have a voice, exchange information and find evidence-based information on offers and services to promote mental health.

Course of action

Pro Mente Sana and Bern University of Applied Sciences Health Professions are jointly developing the «inCLOUsiv» platform. «InCLOUsiv» provides people with mental health problems, their relatives and health and social professionals the opportunity to exchange information on current topics and expand their own knowledge in a «virtual room». «InCLOUsiv» thus makes a contribution to the promotion of health competence and the destigmatisation of mental illness.