PDB Development of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric rehabilitation research includes studies on housing, work and leisure for people with mental illness.



Research on psychiatric rehabilitation has a long tradition in Switzerland and in German-speaking countries. However, topics such as housing, work and leisure for people with mental illnesses are currently conducted only sporadically, despite the fact that rehabilitative aspects are central to recovery, inclusion and empowerment of those affected. Currently, there is a small research unit at the Centre for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (ZPR) of the University Psychiatric Services Bern (UPD). The ZPR is one of the largest providers of psychiatric rehabilitation in German-speaking Switzerland and is one of the few providers to offer all areas of rehabilitation.

Course of action

In cooperation with the UPD-Centre for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, BFH is establishing its own research unit dedicated to all theoretical and empirical aspects of psychiatric rehabilitation. The following topics will be the primary focus: - Housing interventions for people with mental disorders - Occupational rehabilitation for people with mental disorders - Recreational research - Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people with mental disorders, especially Long Covid - Multi-perspective approaches to describing and explaining illness and disability in people with mental disorders - Development of new methodological approaches to the study of psychosocial interventions. Research collaborations with various universities and institutions in German-speaking and European countries already exist and are being strengthened. For funding, submissions to the Swiss National Science Foundation, Innosuisse project agency and national foundations are planned.