The services provided by the HKB are like a kaleidoscope that refracts artistic and creative, social and research ideals to render them publicly perceptible as innovative courses of action. The HKB creates suitable platforms for this purpose and encourages collaboration and cooperative projects with partners. With its services, it builds a bridge from theory to practice and thus serves as a guiding light and centre of excellence for art, education and research.


The HKB offers a range of services and research and development projects designed for businesses and organisations as well as executives and private individuals. Benefit from our experts' wide-ranging in-depth knowledge.


Since the summer of 2016, a central office has been responsible for coordinating the services offered by the HKB and promoting their further development. We look forward to hearing from you. The aforementioned central office is at your service for all general questions you may have regarding the services offered by the HKB. For any concrete questions concerning the individual offers, please contact directly the persons mentioned on the respective sites.



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