BSc Multimedia Production

Course summary

Today, journalism and corporate communication are interactive and multimedia-based; because people want to be entertained and not just informed – whether by companies or publishers. The growing number of channels, media and terminals as well as rapid technical developments, means that requirements on concept design and production of multimedia content are also increasing. New job descriptions are created, specialists are in great demand, but also generalists who think in a networked way and know what is needed to play the numerous media professionally and efficiently.


Writing and speaking, filming and drawing, creating and programming – students are taught in Chur and Bern by established specialists in a project-oriented and practical way. The work intensively with content and form and learn the technology required for multi-media production. During the three-year study course, they gain in-depth competencies in one of the specialised areas of media applications, radio, video/TV, event communications, integrated corporate communications, corporate multi-media communication or political communication.


Title/QualificationJoint Degree «Bachelor of Science FHO & BFH in Media Engineering» 
Main study subjects/ specialisations

Political communication ( Bern)
Corporate multi-media communication (Bern)
Media applications (Chur)
Video/TV (Chur)
Radio (Chur)
Integrated corporate communication (Chur)
Event communication (Chur)

Program study optionsFull-time
Language(s) of instructionGerman
Campus(es)Bern or/and Chur
Professional qualificationyes
Course beginsWeek 38
Deadline for applications

Application deadline for the Bachelor program

Please note: Registrations for the study course at the Berner Fachhochschule must be made through the HTW Chur


A professional qualification in great demand 
Multimedia producers are in great demand in business. They know how modern journalism and corporate communication functions, know the channels and the technology and understand how to make use of them in an integrated, cross-media and interactive way. They know that focus is on user experience; that different terminals are included and that they must orient themselves according to the preferences of readers and customers. That communication must be authentic. And content multi-media.

A wide target audience
The study course is aimed at young people who are interested in staging and producing content and also in the media and programming technology required to achieve this. They want to move surely in the conflict areas of media, industry, politics, society, legislation, applied informatics and journalism. Their target is to be able to understand and evaluate media-economic connections in order to later assume a management function or perhaps to found their own company.

Aptitude testing

For the new courses in Multimedia Production (MMP) starting in autumn 2019, candidates will be asked to take part in an aptitude test. The tests will run in autumn (13 to 15 September 2018) and in spring (2 to 4 May 2019) at HTW Chur University of Applied Sciences. The main focus of the test will be on assessing if the candidates possess the motivation and prerequisites for successfully completing the course. In order to be eligible to take part in the aptitude tests, candidates must meet all formal criteria for being admitted to the course and submit a two-page cover letter outlining their personal interests in and motivation for studying the subject. More detailed information on the aptitude tests will be available from early June. Candidates that have already registered will be informed about the new procedure in person and given the opportunity to submit a new cover letter outlining their motivation for taking up the course.

Detailed information

BSc Multimedia Production




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