Admissions Procedure

An aptitude test determines if an applicant is admitted or not. The exam commission consists of the Head of Studies or their substitute and the respective subject teachers. To pass the aptitude test, a grade of at least 4 (according to the Swiss grading system) has to be reached in all parts of the exam.


Examination for the major instrument

  1. "Free choice" piece (max. 4 minutes)
    any style or tempo, applicants` original compositions are welcome, performed either as a duet with an accompanist (brought by the applicant) or with a play-along (CD/laptop)
  2. Jazz standard with improvisation (no transcription)
    The jury will select one of 3 proposed standard pieces, which will then be performed with a rhythm section provided by the school; 4 copies of the music sheets should be taken along
  3. Solo performance (max. 2 minutes)
    From traditional to freestyle (No stylistic requirements)
  4. optional: Impromptu assignment
    No prior preparation


The exam takes 30 minutes in total (15-minute presentation, 15-minute interview)


Infrastructure provided: piano, drums, amplifier, PA, CD-player
Rehearsal rooms are available prior to the exam.


Theoretical exam: Ear training and rhythm studies

  1. oral

    • sight singing of a simple melody
    • singing standard jazz 4-note chords and their inverted forms in arpeggiated form (ascending and descending)
    • improvising singing over scales, cadences or simple chord progressions to a play-along 

  2. written

    • transcribing various aural excerpts without the help of the instrument (melody, harmony, rhythm, metre, form)
    • Audio players and headphones for the written exam will be provided by the school.

Theoretical: Harmony

  • functional analysis of a chord progression
  • identifying piano voicings and translating them into chord symbols
  • recognising and writing scales
  • harmonising an 8-bar melody using symbolic notation


Applicants will be informed of the result of the examination in writing. The number of places of study is limited. Therefore, a positive exam result is no guarantee for a place of study. Applicants with extraordinary instrumental and musical abilities but insufficient theoretical knowledge may be admitted conditionally. After one semester, a re-assessment will take place. The students are expected to have caught up in the areas of study where they were lacking abilities by the end of the 1st year (prior to the 1st phase exam).


Examination dates

Practical examination

08. – 12.04.2019


Theoretical examination

16. – 18.04.2019