Prerequisites and Conditions for Admission


The Bachelor degree programme in Music requires advanced instrumental or vocal abilities. Applicants need to recognise harmonies, melodies and rhythms and have a sensitivity for them. They should have experience with improvisation and ensemble playing. Further prerequisites are a basic knowledge of music theory, its application and general knowledge of culture. Knowledge of practice techniques, stamina, resilience and the ability to concentrate are just as essential for a successful degree as imagination and intellectual curiosity. Applicants’ suitability is assessed in an aptitude test.


Students are usually aged between 19 and 25.


Conditions for Admission

To participate in the aptitude test, applicants need to have a Baccalaureate  (Academic Baccalaureate, Specialised or Vocational Baccalaureate, Abitur) or an equivalent, recognised education and formation, which may be tested in some cases.


In case of extraordinary artistic talent, the condition for an upper-secondary school education may be waived. Applicants without an upper-secondary school diploma should attach a written declaration explaining their situation to their application.