BA Sound Arts - Music and Media Arts

What is media art? What role does music play in it? How do sound, image and space influence each other, and how does this work online? How are sounds designed and composed in a multimedia context? The Sound Arts - Music and Media Arts programme addresses these and other questions. Theoretical lectures and practice-related projects pose new questions and seek new answers.


What distinguishes the Sound Arts - Music and Media Arts programme from other, usually visually oriented, media-artistic programmes is its focus on music.


Possible areas of activity for graduates include the musical design of media projects, the composition and realisation of interactive pieces for concerts and performances, making soundscapes, composing sound installations and making soundtracks for games, films and videos.


A Bachelor’s degree in Sound Arts - Music and Media Arts is a prerequisite for the professionally qualifying BUA degree Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice or another musical-artistic Master’s programme.



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