BA Fine Arts

In the centre is art in its freedom and dependence on social conditions that surround it.


This formation starts with the individual or collective approaches of the students to their artistic work. Confirmed artists involve in developing, clarifying and deepening intensive ongoing discussions raised by the art practice. This fundamental work is supported by the oral and the written reflections, which are seen as essential tools of production. Discussions about the works, seminars and conferences invite everyone in the department to an active participation.


The workshop, place of practice and life, is available throughout the week and around the clock. Well equipped laboratories and workshops are at disposal.


Close cooperation with the departments of ‘Literary Writing’ and ‘Music & Media Art’, opens a perspective on the Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice at the BUA, only program of its kind in Europe.


The individual experience is at the core of the discussions and any knowledge about the world finds its place there.




Head of Studies

Hans Rudolf Reust

Anselm Stalder


Teaching staff



Judith Kakon



Julie Fauve


The diploma exhibition of Bern University of the Arts is one of the highlights of the last semester of study of the Bachelor in Visual Arts. The exhibition, designed by students with the help of professors, provides the opportunity to be directly confronted to the achievement of a comprehensive exhibition, ranging from space management, to invitation card and from build up to title list. Every year, this exhibition takes place in a professional venue to show the work of students in 'real terms'.


3D workshop / MediaLab / Printing Workshop

The three competence and service centers of Bern University of the Arts have an extensive infrastructure on the cutting edge of technology. Courses at different levels allow becoming familiar with the machinery and the equipment and with production and presentation techniques. Experienced professionals assist students in sharpening their ideas and realizing their individual work. After visiting introductory courses and in consultation with the officials, students can automatically use the infrastructure around the clock.
Thanks to a loan system, tools, small machinery and equipment can be used for productions and presentations outside the BUA.


The 3D Workshop specializes in working with wood, plastic, metal and textiles.


The MediaLab supports audiovisual projects. The BUA has two recording studios, video editing booths and studios for editing digital but also analog photography.


In the Printing Workshop the traditional techniques of letterpress printing and etching can be deepened and new methods can be experienced.


The three centers work closely together in the development of new, hybrid ways of working.


Mediathek / Library
The Mediathek of the departments of ‘Art and Design’, ‘Conservation and Restoration’,’ Y-Institut (Institute for Transdisciplinarity) and ‘Research’ is open to BUA members as to external users. 35,000 media, including 300 periodicals, are directly available in the lending library.
Members of the Information Network of German Switzerland (IDS) have access to a stock of more than seven million titles in more than 300 libraries. These titles can be searched online. The Mediathek, as a part of Bern University of Applied Sciences, has access to the databases of the consortium.



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