BA Conservation

Conservation experts preserve art works and cultural artefacts. By doing so, they help to safeguard the material cultural memory of our society. Intervention on works of art and their environment calls for well-founded investigations and research. Their aim is to safeguard the existence of the objects for the longest possible time without damage.


Lectures, practical exercises and seminars convey theoretical knowledge; specialized studios and laboratories are available for practical encounters with art works. The range of activity is extensive: from oil paintings, sculptures, textiles, drawings, photographs and books, via audiovisual-based media and synthetic objects, to buildings and their contents that are worthy of preservation.


The Bachelor’s degree provides only limited access to professional activity. It permits participation in conservation and restoration projects under the guidance of the holder of a Master’s degree.


In the final year of the BA, students specialise with a view to the subsequent Master`s degree within the Swiss Conservation-Restoration Campus (Swiss CRC). The MA is then a qualification to enter the profession.




Head of Studies

Andreas Buder

Teaching staff



Marianne Jenni


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Tuesday to Thursday

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Conservation and Restoration

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