BA Art Education

The course imparts the fundamentals of art, design, art theory, media, materiality and communication. At the Bern University of Arts, students develop their own artistic and creative practice. Meanwhile the University of Bern supplies the History and Theory of Art components of the course. This combination of creative-artistic production and academic reflection is unique in Switzerland.


The subject-related and contextual knowledge acquired provides the basis for the competent transmission of art and design, which is professionalised within the framework of the Master programme. In co-operation with our practice-partners in schools and museums, the Bachelor programme gives students their first experiences of communicating their knowledge and competence in various professional areas.


The Bachelor programme followed by the Master programme is intended to provide professional training with a view to obtaining the teaching diploma for secondary schools in the area of pictorial design at the Bern College of Education (Pädagogische Hochschule Bern). The Bachelor programme is therefore not a professional qualification in itself.



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