Registration, Enrolment, Studying

Aptitude Test

To study at the BUA, applicants have to successfully pass the aptitude test. You can find information about the aptitude test and the admissions procedure on the page application information of each respective degree programme.


Conditions for Admission 

You can find the general conditions for admission here.

Please also be aware of the conditions for admission of the specific degree programme you wish to apply for:  

Bachelor degree programmes

Master degree programmes

Graduate School of the Arts/Spezialised Master in Research on the Arts

Further Education Programmes


Dates and Deadlines 

Please be aware of the dates and deadlines of the degree programme you are interested in. You can find them here.


Application Information of all degree programmes

The information about applying for the respective BUA degree programmes can be found here.


Fees (for BA and MA programmes)

Further information about the fees can be found here.


You can find information concerning the fees and the admissions procedure for the BA Theater/Acting here.


For the application fees of the further education programmes, the Master in Research on the Arts/Graduate School of the Arts, please consult the specific information for each degree programme.



In addition to the online application form and the general documentation, many of our degree programmes require a dossier/portfolio. Please check the exact specifications for this among the application information of the degree programme you are interested in.


Online Application for Bachelor and Master degree programmes 

The link to the online application form is among the application information of the degree programme you are interested in.


Switching from another University

Students who are already matriculated at another university and would like to switch to the BUA, have to discuss this possibility with the Head of Studies of the degree programme they are interested in. The Head of Studies will decide on their admission. In this case, please state in the "Comments" section at the end of the online application that you are switching universities and may enter a higher semester.


ERASMUS and Guest Students

Students who are matriculated at another university, can complete parts of their studies at the BUA - as ERASMUS or guest students. They remain matriculated at their own university and pay the tuition fees there. You can find further information on ERASMUS and guest semesters at the BUA here.



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