Fees and Finances

Fees / Financing the Studies

The cost of the studies is the sum of the students` individual living expenses, tuition fees, examination fees, expenses for materials and excursions etc.

Fees/School Fees

Examination and Tuition Fees


Application Fee and Registration for the admission procedure CHF 100 plus CHF 150
This fee has to be paid for the application to be considered and for the applicant to be allowed to participate in the aptitude test. The fee will not be reimbursed, if an applicant decides to withdraw his/her application or does not, for whatever reason, participate in the aptitude test. If an application is successful and the student is matriculated, the application fee will count as the matriculation fee.


Tuition fees CHF 750 per semester, for international students CHF 950 per semester

International students are defined as persons of foreign citizenship who at the time of obtaining their university entrance qualification were domiciled under civil law neither in Switzerland nor the Principality of Liechtenstein. This rule applies as of the 2018/19 autumn semester.

Students who attend courses at the Bern University of the Arts as part of a cooperation (e.g. University of Bern) or an exchange programme (Erasmus) pay the tuition fee at their home university.


Fees for social and cultural institutions and for sport CHF 24 per semester
This fee will be invoiced each semester together with the tuition fee.


Fee for the Students’ Association VSBFH CHF 15 per Semester
This fee will be invoiced each semester together with the tuition fee / leave of absence fee. The sum goes to the VSBFH in its entirety.


Leave of absence fee CHF 100 per semester
Students who intermit their studies must pay a leave of absence fee (together with the VSBFH fee) for each semester.


Module examination fees (Bachelor and Master) lump-sum fee of CHF 80 per semester, irrespective of the number of module exams actually taken. It is paid each semester, up to a maximum of CHF 500. No additional fees are charged for final exams or thesis.


Guest students pay CHF 150 for each hour a week per semester and module.
Guest students may only attend classes (lectures, seminars, no individual tuition).


Additional costs
In addition to tuition fees, students should expect to pay for excursions, visits to exhibitions and concerts, books etc. Printing and copying are charged according to usage.

Grant Fund

A large number of students at the Bern University of the Arts live in difficult financial circumstances. This can even threaten the completion of their studies, since the amount of time they need for their studies does not leave them much scope for earning money at all. The BUA Grant Fund was set up to help students with problems of this kind.


Fund Regulations (in German)


The BUA is an international university with students from more than 30 countries. Due to the limited number of places on the degree programmes, applicants are subject to a rigorous selection procedure before they take up their studies. The studies themselves place equally exacting demands on the students. This means that students who do not receive a state grant only rarely have the opportunity to work next to their studies.


Foreign students, in particular, generally have only a very limited budget at their disposal, since they have virtually no access to public funding. The BUA Grant Fund was set up to ensure that, for instance, a simple visit to the dentist does not result in a student incurring major debts. The Grant Fund is financed by donations. After an individual examination of each request and a personal consultation, the Grant Fund provides targeted support for students by paying their compulsory tuition fees and, in the event of hardship, makes contributions to special expenses or helps in cases of material need.


If you, as a student of the BUA, require support and advice from the Grant Fund, click on the link to the Application Form Grant Fund. Please send the duly completed Form to the office of your Department.


Supporting the Scholarship Fund 
Apart from various fundraising events, the fund is primarily financed by private donations. If you are interested in supporting the fund with a donation or even a partial or full sponsorship, please fill out the following form and send it to the address below.
Form for donations (in German)

Bank Account Number Grant Fund BUA

Berner Kantonalbank AG

3001 Bern


IBAN CH73 0079 0020 9186 9843 7


Berner fachhochschule HKB


Fellerstrasse 11

3027 Bern


Bern University of the Arts
Fellerstrasse 11
3027 Bern


T +41 31 848 38 38


Cantonal scholarship
Scholarships and loans, in principle, are issued by the canton, where the students` parents have their primary residence. This counts for Swiss as well as foreign students.


Students who have been resident in the Canton of Bern for at least two years may apply for cantonal grants and loans. Applications should be submitted to the education office's grants office (“Abteilung Ausbildungsbeiträge der Erziehungsdirektion”).


Further information (in German and French):

Erziehungsdirektion des Kantons Bern (including a prognostic calculator)

Stipendienstellen der Kantone


The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) supports, as mandated by the Swiss Federal government, young scientists and basic research in all scientific disciplines:

Swiss National Science Foundation promoting scientific research


Further national contact points:

Scholarships for foreign students and artists in Switzerland - State Secretariat for Education and Research SER

Association promoting Education for Young Swiss Abroad (AJAS)


Foundations and funds
Apart from public funding, there are numerous foundations and funds that offer financial support for students. The electronic directory of foundations of the “Eidgenössisches Departement des Innern” offers a comprehensive overview with a keyword search function (for example: students, research, funding etc.).


Specific Scholarship

Since 2007, the Cantonal Theatre and Dance Commission has been awarding grants of the Canton of Bern on an annual basis to professionals engaged in theatre and dance in Bern.

OFFSTAGE grants (in German)


The Fritz Gerber Foundation for talented young people makes financial contributions to initial training, advanced training and further education.



The Swiss Study Foundation supports gifted, dedicated, widely interested students at universities and universities of applied sciences, whose personality, creativity and intellectual abilities promise extraordinary achievements in the fields of science, business, culture and politics. The Swiss Study Foundation confers the Ernst Göhner scholarships for artists in education (all disciplines).


Hirschmann Scholarship for Master's Students (all subjects)

Foreign students university, fine arts and music school scholarships


The following institutions provide support through their culture sponsorship

Federal Office of Culture (BAK)

The Swiss Arts Council PRO HELVETIA

Migros Culture Office

Artists in Residence

Database of Cultural Sponsorship Addresses in Switzerland



Music Rita Weber rita.weber@hkb.bfh.ch
Theatre Sebastian Ledesma sebastian.ledesma@hkb.bfh.ch
Opera Karin Richter karin.richter@hkb.bfh.ch
Conservation-Restoration Marianne Ott marianne.ott@hkb.bfh.ch
Swiss Literature Institute Fabienne Kuperschmied fabienne.kupferschmid@hkb.bfh.ch
Design and Fine Arts Olivia Bauer olivia.bauer@hkb.bfh.ch
Y Institute Thomas Strässle thomas.straessle@hkb.bfh.ch
Postgraduate Programmes Verena Andel verena.andel@hkb.bfh.ch
Research Thomas Gartmann thomas.gartmann@hkb.bfh.ch