Educational Objectives/Competencies acquired

Educational Objectives

The MA CAP brings together artists from various disciplines in their respective forms of authorship. In an artworld where the borders between different media become increasingly blurred, in new hybrid worlds of artistic production, the encounter with various types of artistic logic strengthens the development of the individual artistic personality and increases professional opportunities.

The MA CAP demands the further development of students' individual and collaborative artistic approaches. They are in touch with fast developing art scenes and engage with a broad field of professional artistic activity.


Competencies Acquired during the Studies

Graduates of the MA CAP

  • master the various forms of expression and media of their genre.
  • know these forms' contemporary practice and their history. They can reflect on their practice, position it in the public sphere of their discipline and communicate it.
  • are able to stake their claim both in opening up to other artistic discourses and in drawing clear boundaries between their art form and others.
  • possess the necessary self-management and social skills to build up a professional network of artists, clients and communicators.
  • can judge the perspectives for their work and determine the next steps for their artistic development.
  • are familiar with forms of scientific work and the current research questions in their field of study.