Admissions Procedure

The places on the degree programme are awarded according to the results of artistic aptitude tests. The aptitude tests are held in German or French, or in exceptional cases also in English.


Aptitude Test
For the specialisation in Composition and the specialisation in Composition for Wind Orchestra and Brass Band

  • Submission of a portfolio with at least 3 original works, one of them with a sound recording, as well as a personal statement of the motivation for the degree programme
  • 2-week exercise: artistic treatment of a set task
  • Interview (50 minutes) on the 2 points above; as well as a hearing test using a particular piece


For the specialisation in Musical Theatre
For composers:

  • 1- to 2-page personal statement of the motivation for Musical Theatre, including a description of the proposed Master’s project.
  • Submission of three pieces, two of which should be scores combined with text and/or movement, supplemented where possible by DVD/CD documentation
  • 40-minute interview about the personal Master’s project

For interpreters/performers: 

  • 1- to 2-page statement of the motivation for choosing experimental music theatre
  • Performance of 2 or 3 pieces from the contemporary repertoire of the applicant's instrument (approx. 20 min)
  • An interview about the personal Master’s project (20 min)



Für the specialisation in Jazz Composition & Arrangement

Submission of a portfolio (together with the application), consisting of:

  • at least 3 original compositions and/or arrangements (lead sheets/score sheets) for different ensembles as well as recordings of these pieces (on CD)
  • a list and short description of all courses in theory, arrangement and composition taken during the Bachelor studies (only for external applicants)
  • a short statement (about 1 A4 page) about the professional perspectives and ideas (motivational statement)


Applicants will be invited to an admissions interview (about 50 min long), during which the following points will be discussed:

  • the submitted dossier
  • a prepared piece (composition or arrangement); the task will be set at least 2 weeks before the interview
  • works presented during the course of the interview (with score sheets and recordings), on which the applicants will be asked to comment


Examination dates

Contemporary Jazz



Creative Practice



Dates for entrance exam Classical Music