Prerequisites and Conditions for Admission


The Master’s degree in Composition/Theory demands a very good ear, the understanding of different compositional techniques and an independent artistic approach.

  • Students who choose the Major in Composition and Theory with the specialisation in Composition are able to design compositional processes and accompany the rehearsal and production processes of his/her own pieces up to their realisation. He or she is also able to situate his/her work in the context of contemporary music production and is familiar with the main compositional trends.
  • Students who choose the specialisation in Musical Theater should demonstrate a high instrumental, vocal or compositional standard, already have stage experience and be able to produce their own musical theater Master project independently.
  • Students who choose the specialisation in Jazz Composition & Arrangement should have a profound understanding of handling different jazz and jazz-related instruments and ensembles, should have good instrumental skills, experience with project management and familiarity with today’s music and information technology.


All students need the ability and the will to engage in a transdisciplinary artistic environment and to contribute to transdisciplinary projects.


Conditions for Admission

To participate in the aptitude test, applicants need a Bachelor’s degree in Music, with the MA stream in Composition, or an equivalent formation or education. The Head of Studies may make it a condition for students who pass the aptitude test but have not taken the MA stream to provide additional proof of their qualification for their chosen degree programme.


Language skills

The teaching events within the BUA Master CT also take place in French and English, especially in the areas Composition and Théâtre Musical. Basic knowledge of the respective other cantonal language is expected, but not obligatory, as there is always the possibility to use English. Teachers are usually multilingual or have very good knowledge of the "partner languages". Guest teachers from abroad and relevant literature written in other languages require additional language skills, especially in English. Written work is usually submitted in German, French or English.