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From performance to composition - music in the scenic space


The Master of Arts in Théâtre musical is an interdisciplinary education for those who have already explored the relationship between music and theatre either as authors or interpreters and wish to establish their artistic work in this area. The programme is aimed at composers, vocal and instrumental performers and those coming from the fields of directing, acting, performance, media art, etc.


The Master of Arts in Théâtre musical covers a wide range of what is today understood as contemporary musical theatre. At the Bern University of the Arts, authors and performers find a condition comparable with a laboratory, where new ideas are tried and the interplay between movement, speech, sound and space can be extended. This immersion is achieved through knowledge of the existing repertoire and the creation of new performances and compositions. The practical artistic education also includes related artistic expression like light, body language, improvisation, scenography, video, electroacoustic media, etc.


Bilingual education

The Bern University of the Arts is located in a bilingual area with campuses in both Bern and Biel, acting as a liaison between the French and German speaking culture. This applies especially to the Théâtre musical, where the languages of instruction are German and French. Lecturers from both cultural areas guarantee a dialogue between the two cultures and make it possible to reflect on the different aesthetic positions. Within the HKB, the MA Théâtre musical degree programme works closely with other related field of studies like Music and Media Arts, and the Y Institute (Institute for transdisciplinary), as well as other European institutions also working in the field of contemporary music.


Guest professors in the MA Théâtre Musical degree programme

Composers, artists and renowned educators give special impetus to the master classes, and thus complete the basic training of the study programme. Among the regular guest professors are Georges Aperghis, Vinko Globokar, Jos Houben, Helmut Oehring, Daniel Ott, David Roesner, Matthias Rebstock, Simon Steen-Andersen, Manos Tsangaris, Hans Wüthrich, Jennifer Walshe and Stefan Wirth.  


Numerous projects with renowned partner institutions

During their studies, MA Théâtre musical students have the opportunity to work with renowned institutions that are active in this rapidly expanding field. Examples of this are:

  • In 2014: the presence of MA Théâtre musical students in Darmstadt and on the international platform of the new Musical Theatre in Bern.
  • In 2015: the students’ participation in Helmut Oehring's Angelus Novus II at the Dampfzentrale in Bern.
  • In 2016: the degree programme was intensely involved at the Munich Biennale in an interdisciplinary project by Till Wyler von Ballmoos in co-operation with the Bern Concert Theatre.
  • In 2017: performance at the Festival ACHT BRÜCKEN in Cologne of das Glashaus by Hans Wüthrich.

1 The MA Théâtre musical is one of the three main areas of the MA Composition and Theory degree programme.



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