Degree Structure

The Master’s degree comprises 120 ECTS credits and is usually completed in four semesters. It is structured into modules.


Students matriculate at either the BUA or the ZHdK (home university), where they take their Major, comprising 90 ECTS credits. In this, they choose their specialisation, and extend their skills in the Minors (BUA) or in an individual Portfolio (ZHdK). The degree structure and the teaching events are coordinated and permit students to use what is on offer at both universities. Projects, periods of practical training and a graduate training seminar are jointly presented by the BUA and the ZHdK. In the graduate training seminar there is an exchange of practical and artistic experience with a specialised audience and guest lecturers. The Master thesis consists of the presentation of the final work, which contains performative, written and oral components. These components are weighed differently, according to the student`s specialisation.