Prerequisites and Conditions for Admission

Dates and deadlines


Online Application
You should have the following documents available in electronic form
(passport photo: JPG / remaining documents: PDF).
No document should exceed 1 MB.

  • ID card or passport
  • Passport photo
  • Bachelor`s diploma or equivalent university degree
  • The transcript of records
  • A diploma qualifying you for university studies (such as Matura from a Gymnasium, "Berufsmaturität", "Fachmaturität", Abitur)
  • A CV in tabular form
  • A personal statement about your motivation for these studies and for your professional aspirations


For foreigners, in addition:

  • Residence permit (if available)


If you were already matriculated at another university:

  • A confirmation of your exmatriculation


For the aptitude test for the Major in Music Pedagogy with the specialisation Jazz:

  • Score sheets of original compositions for the accompanists


If you do not yet have one or more of the required documents, please state why in the Comments section.


Online Application


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