Admissions Procedure

The places on the degree programme are awarded according to the results of artistic and pedagogic aptitude tests. The aptitude tests are held in German or French, or in exceptional cases also in English.

Aptitude test Major in Classical Music

  • Preparation of 4 demanding pieces (whole works or movements thereof) from 3 different periods of your choice. Duration: max. 30 minutes. One work in the programme can be from the Minor you wish to enter*:
    Part of your programme should be performed from memory. The Jury reserves the right to make a selection.
  • Interview about your professional goals and ideas.


Total examination time: max. 30 minutes


Aptitude test Major in Jazz

  • Prepared solo performance, the style can be chosen freely (about 3 to 5 minutes)
  • A composition of your own (in a style of your choice); you should improvise on its form. Scores for accompanying musicians should be submitted together with your application (the application is submitted online - please submit the scores per E-Mail).
  • Five pieces, which should be prepared in advance. From these, the jury will select pieces to be played at the test. Scores of the pieces will be sent to the applicants after the application deadline has passed.


Aptitude test for the Major in Brass Band Conducting

  • Rehearsing a set piece with a wind ensemble (duration about 10 minutes)
  • Recital of a short piece (entire piece or movement) with the core instrument (duration about 5 minutes)
  • Recital of a short piano piece (duration max. 5 minutes) and: 3 weeks before the exam four compulsory pieces are announced, two of which have to be performed.
  • Colloquium: Overview of wind music literature and its history. Professional goals and expectations.


Total examination time: max. 30 minutes


Examination dates

Examination dates Classic


Examination dates Jazz