Major Performance Classical Music

Instrumental and vocal core subject

This is where the identity of the aspiring musicians is formed. All aspects of the core subject are trained, in diverse stylistic fields and practices, in one-to-one lessons at a high level. This applies to all technical areas and various interpretational approaches. The core subject can be combined with a related, parallel instrument (e.g. French horn/natural horn, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano/harpsichord). The technical foundations laid by the Bachelor’s degree are developed furtherand the artistic skills extended.


Interpretation & Performance in Practice, Theory and Supplements

The second degree module offers various approaches to a differentiated analysis of a piece of music and to a wide-ranging interpretation. It aims to link theory and practice closely. The submodules have different stylistic and instrument-specific approaches. This is where artistic and reflective abilities are trained, situating the student’s own instrument/voice in a broader context.