MA Theater - Expanded Theater

The degree programme is a specialised study curriculum aimed at people from a wide range of Theater disciplines and leads to a Master’s Degree in Theater - Expanded Theater in three semesters. During the programme artists from different performative disciplines learn and work together: actors, dancers, performers, puppetry performers and others.


The Master Theater is a laboratory in which different Theater practices are examined and investigated. The students deal with an advanced understanding of Theater that goes beyond the borders of any particular discipline. This not only applies to contemporary forms of Theater performances but also to the development and implementation of new visions.


The open curriculum and the possibility to individually shape the programme gives students an opportunity to develop their personal approach, style and aesthetic to Theater. They define their core area and decide on the subjects, topics and issues they want to engage in. Our ambition is to encourage the students’ individual creativity and artistic authorship.


The programme further pursues the traditional Bernese education, which questions fixed ideas and conventions to encourage new innovative Theater forms: We understand Theater as an artistic statement of body and speech in a set space and time. Additionally, we discuss issues that go beyond performative skills like scenic design, light design, sound and media, as well as the placement of ones artistic work in professional employment.


Anchoring ones artistic work in professional practice is encouraged and supported. For students to continue with current occupations we offer the possibility to extend the programme to maximum five semesters.




The Master Theater is a degree programme of the Department Opera/Theater of the Bern University of the Arts. With its dedication to transdisciplinarity the academy encourages collaboration between students and lecturers from the areas of theater, music, design, arts, literature and conservation/restoration.


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Wolfram Heberle




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