Admissions Procedure

Preliminary selection jury

The admissions committee of the BUA is responsible for previewing the materials received. It is made up of the head of studies, at least two lecturers from the department of theatre studies and at least two experts who take on an advisory role. The admissions committee of the BUA gives advice on the aptitude assessment test.


Admissions interview invitation

The BUA will then invite candidates, approved for a major in Expanded Theater, to the admissions interview. If required the student may be asked to prepare for other practical and/or theoretical assignments.


Final admission decision

After the admissions interview the BUA decides whether the student is accepted and informs the selected candidates immediately.


Admission interviews for the Master’s degree programme in Expanded Theater will take place from 14. – 16.05.2018 and 22./23.05.2018.


For further information contact the office of the department theatre studies.