BUA Theatre Zikadenweg

The theatre campus at Zikadenweg has over 3'000 qm of work and presentation rooms, including three stages that allow flexible setups with professional theatre technology: Main stages, studio stages and rehearsal stages. Nine large project rooms are available for rehearsals and to use as work ateliers. Furthermore, there is a dance and movement studio and several work ateliers, video editing setups, a workshop, a pool of stage props and costumes and a theatre library.

MediaLab Fellerstrasse

The MediaLab is the competence and service centre for audio-visual design and photography at the BUA. The members of the MediaLab conduct courses and trainings in photography and video. They advise students and lecturers on technical matters. Workstations and studios are equipped with an extensive production infrastructure. Audio-visual equipment is available for students on rental.

Media library Fellerstrasse

The Media library is the library of the Department of Fine Arts, Conservation and Restoration and the Y Institute (Institute for transdisciplinary tuition). It is open to BUA members as well as external users. 35'000 media are available at the open access library.