Degree Structure

Portfolio studies

The programme can be individually designed depending on the students’ priorities. They have the possibility to put together their own course portfolio from a selection of courses offered by the BUA and the Master-Campus-Theatre-CH.


The main educational focus is on artistic practice. A project-oriented approach and working on the independent self-creative power are central elements of the programme. Moreover, it is possible to intensely devote ones studies to solely theoretical aspects, whereby performative practice is integrated as an experimental design. This is of particular interest to students who want to pursue further studies in applied research.



The programme does not only focus on German speaking theatre but also looks at trends in the international theatre scene. This is reflected by the selection of our lecturers, whose backgrounds offer a wide range of cultural and linguistic diversity.


Networking/Career guidance

The close link to professional practice plays a central role during the studies. The MA Theatre is understood as a smooth transition between education and professional employment. The ability to study on a part-time basis, extending the programme to a maximum of five semesters, makes it possible to combine study and work. Employment opportunities are anticipated before completing the degree and networking in the field of artists, audience and organisers strongly encouraged.


Course structure

The degree programme is made up of 90 ECTS points and is normally completed in three, maximum five semesters. The programme is divided into the following module groups:


Module Groups

Toolboxes and Workshops (34 ECTS)

On the one hand the toolboxes serve the practical enhancement of ones performative tools and skills. Basic representational skills are taught and how to work with the body and voice. Workshops in dance, movement, voice and sound belong to this group, as well as artistic exploration of space and sound. Some modules concentrate more on acing and directing from a theoretical, organisational, project management, technological, societal and research point of view. The toolboxes and workshops are conducted by experienced lecturers with a background in both theoretical and practice oriented approaches.


Projects (20 ECTS)

During the programme, students develop a joint project under the direction of renowned artists from the performative art practice. The aim is to become acquainted with their work practice and to try it hands-on. The work results will be publicly presented.


Production (36 ECTS)

This group includes modules where students work on their individual core competencies. It is therefore the main part of the degree programme. The students work on their own responsibility supported by mentors. The mentors are selected together with the students. The Master thesis, as the largest independent work, is part of this module group and at the same time your graduation. It is made up of three parts: MA thesis concept (written), MA thesis project (applied practice) and MA thesis analysis (written). The MA thesis proves that the students are capable of independently initiating performative projects on an artistic and organisational level and to plan, realise and evaluate them.



The Master Theatre is an educational programme of the Department of Opera/Theatre at the BUA. It is strongly dedicated to transdisciplinarity. The university encourages collaboration between students and lecturers from the areas of theatre, music, design, arts, literature and conservation/restoration. 


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