Evaluation Recovery College Bern

The project is evaluationg the Recovery College Bern (RCB). The RCB is an educational offer to promote mental health and self-determined living.



The RCB offers learning and exchange opportunities on the topics of mental health, mental crises and self-determined living. The courses, seminars and workshops of the RCB are jointly developed and conducted by people with own experiences of illness and recovery and people with professional experience in the field of mental health. The evaluation will examine the impact of the RCB in the area of "vision and impact" at participant level in the thematic areas of hope, mental health/ recovery, self-efficacy, advocacy, empowerment and self-confidence.

Course of action

Taking into account the rather small sample size and the limited financial resources, the evaluation uses a mixed-method approach, which combines a standardised pre-post survey with a topic-centred qualitative interview after completion of the education programme.


The evaluation will last untill 2023.