International Office

Bern Academy of the Arts (HKB) is an international multilingual university with students and staff from over 30 countries. HKB is affiliated with a number of universities abroad, organises productions in other countries, and frequently works on projects with international partners. HKB participates in the Swiss-European Mobility Programme SEMP (formerly Erasmus) to promote the mobility of students and staff.


The International Office is the administrative and support centre for international matters at HKB. It ensures the university’s participation in international education and research programmes, supports the divisions in implementing internationalisation measures, and looks after the well-being of foreign guests and students.

Exchange of lecturers and employees

Do you work at an Erasmus/SEMP university and would like to do a teaching assignment or job shadowing at HKB? Or are you interested as a HKB employee in learning about the working methods of your colleagues abroad, with the desire to network internationally, deepen cooperation and gain valuable experience?

SEMP supports not only exchange students but also exchanges of staff and lecturers. For lecturers, funding is available starting from a minimum of eight lessons given on at least two days or within a maximum of two months at a partner university. Employees can receive funding from a minimum stay of two days up to a maximum of two months. A combination of teaching and other forms of work exchange (e.g. job shadowing, workshops) is also possible.

This offer is available both to employees of partner universities who wish to come to HKB and to HKB employees who wish to spend some time at a partner university in another European country.
The International Office at HKB will be happy to assist you with planning your teaching or further education stay. Please contact us at

Further information for HKB staff is available on myBFH.

Exchange semester and internship abroad for HKB students

Would you like to spend a semester abroad or do an internship in a foreign country? Do you want to come into contact with different working methods and study content? Improve your language skills? And gain valuable experience? You can do all this with a semester or internship abroad.
HKB students can find detailed information on the various options in the relevant division in the “Study abroad” section of the BFH Campus App.

Students at our partner universities who would like to spend an exchange semester at HKB can find detailed information here.

Partner universities

HKB has wide-ranging contacts with other universities and continually works on expanding its international network. The lecturers at the university likewise have numerous international contacts that can be activated at any time and can be helpful during a stay abroad. If you are interested in a university that is not yet a partner of HKB, please contact the International Office directly at







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