The HKB offers various possibilities to complete scientific or artistic doctoral studies in cooperation with domestic and foreign universities. 

You wish to do a doctorate in the arts?

The HKB makes this possible!
The doctoral programme “Studies in the Arts (SINTA)” is a collaborative initiative between the Faculty of Philosophy and History at the University of Bern and the HKB. The SINTA assists in developing a dissertation and is aimed at both researching artists and scholars. 

In the SINTA, the doctoral students realise their project in a stimulating environment and gain access to artistic and scientific networks. They profit from synergies between the two higher educational institutions and can establish specific areas of competence. 

About us

Graduates from art colleges come with precise questions and topics and want to gain further academic qualifications, while graduates from universities seek practical proximity to the arts. Most of them have dual talents. Some have more artistic and creative experience, while others have more methodical knowledge and writing routine. 

The SINTA is a collaborative initiative between the Faculty of Philosophy and History at the University of Bern and the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Department of the Bern University of the Arts HKB. It is aimed at researching artists as well as scholars who are interested in artistic practice. SINTA is characterised by a combination of different disciplines within the humanities and social sciences, as well as in the arts and thus promotes research and reflection, especially in relation to artistic practices, design and aesthetic issues as well as the connection between art and science. 

The doctoral students realize their own project in a stimulating environment that introduces them into scientific and artistic networks. They benefit from synergies between the two universities and are able to develop specific competencies. Within SINTA, theory and practice are closely intertwined – as are basic and practice-oriented research. In addition to humanities and social science methods, artistic and design research methods also play a role: prototyping and design methods, re-enactment and embodiment, performance studies and historically informed performance practice all come into play in the dissertation projects. 

About 40 doctoral students from the fields of music, theater and dance studies, art history and graphic design, archeology, social anthropology, German studies and Romance studies are currently realising their projects within SINTA. Many are former students or staff members of the Bern University of the Arts HKB, others come from other Art Colleges or Universities – from St. Petersburg to Harvard and from Basel to Zurich. In addition to the work space and the university libraries, students at the HKB have access to the necessary infrastructures such as recording studios, Medialab, media libraries, workshops and printing studios. In 2016, the first graduates successfully completed their doctorates (see completed dissertations). In 2017, the first dissertation was published (Immanuel Brockhaus: Cult Sounds).


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In cooperation with the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz

Since 2021, students have the opportunity to realise an artistic-scholarly doctoral project in cooperation with the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz (ABPU). 

The principal supervision takes place at the ABPU, the co-supervision at the HKB. One of the supervisors is responsible for the artistic aspect, the other for the academic perspective. 

Ongoing doctoral projects with participation of the HKB

  • Helga Arias, Composition (artistic supervision: Volkmar Klien ABPU, academic supervision: Karin Harasser Kunstuniversität Linz, external third-party supervision: Cathy van Eck HKB)
  • Wataru Mukai, Composition/Musical Theatre (academic supervision: Carolin Stahrenberg/Barbara Lüneburg ABPU, artistic supervision: Leo Dick HKB)
  • Joanna Wicherek, Piano/Musical Theatre (artistic supervision: Barbara Lüneburg/Till Körber ABPU, academic supervision: Leo Dick HKB)

Admission to the programme takes place once per academic year.

  • An online information event is usually held in October.
  • February: Application deadline
  • April: Admission colloquium in front of the doctoral committee

The number of available places is limited. Interested students are best advised to contact Martin Skamletz as early as possible, who will assist in establishing contact with the supervisors at both universities.